Embracing a Healthy Family: Draw Plus Math Book by Freddie Levin Review: A Must Have

Draw Plus Math Book by Freddie Levin Review: A Must Have

If you have an artist in the family who may need a bit more math exercise or maybe they just love math and art, they will love this book.  Draw Plus Math is this great paperback, inexpensive book for ages 4-8 that makes math fun by enhancing the basics of addition, subtraction, sets or groups, shapes, patterns and much more into a creative way to make it fun.  Yesterday was my first day of home schooling for the first time and I was nervous.  I used my curriculum I purchased through the day but then I picked up my copy of Draw Plus Math as I have to admit, I was terribly late in providing my thoughts due to my daughters participation and eventual win in last month's Pepsi Refresh project for her non-profit so I do apologize.

The book has clever problems in introducing the basic math problems into creating works of art by your little ones.  I have a four and an eight year old and this book was a welcome treat for them.  They didn't know it at first as they grumbled a bit as they saw me bring out yet another book until I told them to grab some paper, erasers, pencils, colored pencils and crayons then their eyes lit up.  The book is broken down into lessons that cover the different basics of math such as counting, identifying colors, shapes, groups and more to allow the children to get the most of out of each lesson.

pages from Draw Plus Math
Lesson Two Sample

Lesson one was counting and drawing fish that eventually became a fish tank which they had a lot of fun drawing.  Lesson two focused on odd numbers so drawing and creating this interesting looking creature was fun.  Not only did they have fun drawing him but naming his was just as fun.  Here is my four year old's picture of the creature:

The 20 lessons are of perfect length which do not tire the children and still captures their attention.  We completed two lessons yesterday and I plan on doing one to two more for the art component and the math aspect especially for my four year old.  It's even better for those of us that have two children in the age range to complete these at the same time.  We had many laughs while completing the two exercises and they didn't even realize they were learning which is a huge bonus.

I recommend Draw Plus Math to any family with the appropriate age range.  I know my now four year old would have still tried to participate a year ago.  It's fun, it's educational and it's a good family time event as well on those Friday nights in place of a game.

To purchase, click to be taken to Draw Plus Math.

*Disclosure:  I received a complimentary copy for the purposes of this review through my participation with KSB Promotions.  My opinions of are my own.

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Freddie Levin said...

Thank you for your thoughtful review of Draw Plus Math. I am always happy to hear that my books make learning fun!

Judy Joyce said...

The girls wanted a new lesson and quickly picked up Draw Plus Math for some extra fun. I'm so glad to have "found" this book! Thanks Freddie Levin and KSB Promotions!

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