Embracing a Healthy Family: Hey Diddle Diddle A Food Chain Tale by Pam Kapchinske Book Review

Hey Diddle Diddle A Food Chain Tale by Pam Kapchinske Book Review


Who can resist a children's book that allows you to sing along with the words in a fun way?  I love books that rhythm and to let you sing as you go is a bonus.  I am also a big advocate for books that teach while entertain and Hey Diddle Diddle a Food Chain Tale is just that.  Written by Pam Kapchinske and illustrated by Sherry Rogers, it's a book that teaches children the food cycle and how each animal has a part in the ecosystem.  Each page is full of toe tapping words that keeps you moving:

He sang, "Hey diddle diddle--life is grand,
baskin' and relaxin' in the toasty sand."
A plump caterpillar on a leaf above
was wigglin' along doin' what she loved.

Included are big, bright pictures of each of the different animals that go along with each page.  I also enjoy the latter part of the book that is dedicated to creative minds as a supplement to offer more educational opportunities such as questions about herbivores or carnivores, food chain true or false, animal classification and more.


You can purchase Hey Diddle Diddle A Food Chain Tale in hardcover, softcover or eBook from Sylvan Dell Publishing.  Other great links include PDF versions of an eBook preview, for creative minds section, quizzes and more.

I think it's a fun book to read as long your little one isn't squeamish about animals eating one another.  It's not graphic at all and it's really told in a cute way.  My girls listened intently and seemed to enjoy the story.  I like the way it flowed and thought it was clever in the way it entertained and taught at the same time.

*Disclosure:  I received a complimentary sample but my opinion on this review is of my own.

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