Embracing a Healthy Family: Ten for Me by Barbara Mariconda Book Review

Ten for Me by Barbara Mariconda Book Review


What do you get when you have two friends competing to win who can catch the most butterflies?  Fun competition!  Ten for Me is a great book that teaches how to count in a fun, rhythmic manner. I like the book in that it has one child winning while the other one becomes frustrated only to learn, all is not lost.  It not only teaches about math but it also teaches about butterflies such as how to attract butterflies.  The verses on each page are entertaining:

That first day out, it wasn't much fun
'cause Ed netted ten and I netted none!
How many in all? Let's add them again!
"Well, 10+0 is 10," Ed said. "10+0 is 10!"

My girls were very entertained with this book and I thought the illustrations further drew them in to want to know more.  They had fun playing along and shouting out the answers to each of the questions.  It's a great book for children learning to count to 10 as well as those who just mastered it.  My eight year old has fun reading it to her four year old sister.  I also enjoyed the back secion For Creative Minds.  This is a great section to further the learning aspect of Ten for Me with extras such as numbers and patterns, butterfly body parts, butterfly compare and contrast and much more.

It's a must have for any home or school library.  Now that I'm homeschooling, I loved that I was able to add this to our library and think it would make a great addition for an elementary or preschool's library.  

The book was written by Barbara Mariconda and illustrated by Sherry Rogers.  It's a great book for children and the adults who are lucky enough to get to read it to their children.

To purchase Ten for Me in hardcover, softcover or eBook, visit Sylvan Publishing.  There are also other great resources such as PDF versions of the preview, a quiz and much more.

*Disclosure:  I received a complimentary sample but the opinions of this book were my own.

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