Embracing a Healthy Family: LeapFrog “Learn, Create & Share” Party

LeapFrog “Learn, Create & Share” Party

I am homeschooling this year so anything I can find to interject some additional fun into learning is a big plus for me and most likely, my children.  I love the LeapFrog line of products as I already have many of their learning toys such as two Leapsters (I have two children and you know how bad kids share at times), a Tag and DVDs.  LeapFrog is a name I trust and as a repeat customer, I definitely wanted to take part in the opportunity I received as a member of MomSelect to host a LeapFrog Learn, Create & Share Party.  We received an amazing kit to host this party which included:
  • A LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet with a pre-loaded book and game
  • A Tag Reading System with a Read to Learn Series
  • Interactive map
  • Download Card
  • Coloring and activity sheets
  • Coupons for our guests

The host pack was so complete and full of great items that we took the time to go through each learning activity to ensure we were able to explain and show our guests all that each one provided.  My girls thought it was Christmas when we opened the box but then again, I was pretty excited to learn more about the LeapPad Learning Tablets and the Interactive Map.  We already have a Tag Reading System but the books were perfect for what we have been learning which are vowels.  I'm going to first provide what I thought of each one.

LeapPad Explorere Learning Tablet

The LeapPad Explorere Learning Tablet is an amazing learning tool that offers your children an incredible array of things to do from downloading applications from LeapFrog and taking pictures and recording videos.  My girls are having so much fun taking pictures and using the drawing tool to change and add to the pictures.  The video component is also something they are having quite a bit of fun.  We used our download card to purchase more fun.  It operates like our gadgets do with a touch on the screen to tilting the tablet to using the buttons.  It's a really great way to introduce children to technology as it's not going away!  It's also ideal for traveling given the library of 100+ cartridge games and activities available.  

The set up was very easy with hooking it up to the computer, signing up for LeapFrog and downloading the applicable program to connect to LeapFrog.  It was quick and that was good because the testers were ready to go.  I love that that you can use cartridges or buy online and download directly on to the LeapFrog Explorer Learning Tablet. 

Tag with Learn to Read Books

 Tag™ Learn to Read Gift PackThe Tag with Learn to Read Books were equally excellent.  The Tag is set up to allow children to touch different areas on the book for sound or dialogue.  The child can choose to read along with the Tag as it slowly reads with the speed of them moving the Tag along each word or with the touch of the Tag to the dot on the page, it automatically reads the passage to the child to follow along.  The books are full of great opportunities to help teach them about the vowels and there are additional books available to buy and to expand your library.  This is a must have for encouraging your child to read and learn in my opinion.

Tag Globe Trotter Map

 Tag™ Globe Trotter Gift Pack
The Tag Globe Trotter Map is another great tool for teaching while having fun.  With the help of their Tag, they can play games, learn fast facts that teaches about the United States, landmarks, famous places and animals.  There are 10 interactive games for them to choose from and it's as easy as click and tag on what they want to do.  Another bonus is parents can track their learning progress with the LeapFrog Learning Path.  On the other side is the world map where they get to meet different kid characters from different countries that include the country they are from, what they eat, how they play and how they say hello in their native language.  I absolutely love this and can't wait for my girls to keep learning from it.  I had just purchased an inexpensive globe but that doesn't compare to what both sides of the maps can teach and this is something that will grow with them over the years.  It's fun, it's interactive and most of all, it's educational.

Activity Sheets

This was a big hit among my girls.  The sheets were excellent in offering more fun yet learning activities and kept the party moving in between the children taking turns at playing with the LeapFrog Tag and the LeapFrog Explorer Learning Tablet.  The Learning Tablet was the big hit of course but they all had fun with the tag.

The kids were excited about the party and we were able to tie it in with a birthday party.

To purchase LeapFrog products online, click here for the LeapFrog online shop and to stay up to date, "like" LeapFrog on Facebook and follow LeapFrog on Twitter.

*Disclosure:  I received a party pack with LeapFrog products.  The opinions are of my own.

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