Embracing a Healthy Family: Poise® Pads & Extra Security for Women

Poise® Pads & Extra Security for Women

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I remember an episode on Hot in Cleveland where one of the stars endorsed a product for women for leak control.  It was a funny episode but not when you are the woman enduring this.  Light bladder leakage is something that affects 1 in 3 women so if you are one of those three, you are not alone.  I have a young friend who is experiencing light leakage post pregnancy so it can hit young or old.  Poise® Pads are perfect for having that extra security without the worry.  One of my older friends use Poise® Pads and swears by them.  Before discovering them, she was always on edge and worried if an incident would occur during an event so she stayed clear of most.  Poise® Pads allowed her to have her life back.

During the month of October for Women's Health Month, Poise® Pads will be available at Sam's Club and in case you didn't know, Sam's Members save $11.72 per box when purchased at Sam's Club.  If you are enduring this condition and are not sure about how they feel or effectiveness, you can get a free sample.  Some of the benefits of Poise® Pads include:

  • Locks away wetness and odor
  • Contours to fit your body so no bulky feel
  • Helps to keep you fresh

Click below to get your free sample:

Sample Poise Now

 Disclosure: I will be compensated for this post. I do not use Poise Pads but my opinions were based on two friends that I know and the opinions are of my own.

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