Embracing a Healthy Family: Nero Kwik Media: A Free Application for Photos, Music & Video Review

Nero Kwik Media: A Free Application for Photos, Music & Video Review

The modern age has provided us with a modern need for a solution to keep our photos, music and video in one easy to find format. Having them in various formats and locations can become a tedious task if you plan on using them for projects or just wanting to have an easier access. I recently reviewed Nero Kwik Media which is a free application with which you can organize, edit, and share your photos, music and videos. Since I'm a mom and a blogger, I have tons of pictures and videos along with some music. I want to be able to make photo projects, to write blog posts and so much more so the Nero Kwik Media proved to be ideal for my needs.

It's an easy to use program that is free and downloads pretty quick. To see if your computer meets the requirements, just click here for the minimum requirements. I had no issues with the download nor with the easy to use adding photo or library features.  You can easily add folders, import from devices and discs and burn music CDs from your collection. I added some of my music library and will be ready for Christmas!

The first project I made was a leather bound photo book. You can also create cards and calendars. The steps are pretty easy:

  1. Launch the new photo project - photo book and your "creating photobook" screen opens after you name your new project.
  2. Select your product from softcover, hardcover or premium covers.
  3. Choose your size of book and photobook cover material (if premium is chosen).
  4. Select from a theme provided or create your own. You can also choose photobook layout from "economic mode" to "design mode" depending on how much control you want on the layout.
  5. Select your photos and edit photos if desired.
  6. Arrange how you want and add text.
  7. Preview and done.

I have made photo books from other places and although I had a couple of hiccups at first either due to the software with my computer or my computer, they ceased after I clicked a button that read something like 'send information to Nero.' After that one hiccup, it worked beautiful.  

Features I liked:
  • Photos are easy to move, resize and to rotate to provide a scrapbook appearance.
  • The photo editing software is easy to use and doesn't distort the colors in the auto correct feature like some other programs do. The features are perfect!
  • When selecting your photos, you can adjust the size of the photos to ensure you are picking the correct photos for your project.
  • Text can be easily deleted or added.
  • Themes can be changed in your project without causing problems with your layouts.
  • Extra features such as jewelry and other elements can be added to the pages to give it a more personalized or scrapbook appearance.
  • Easily add more pages if you have many pictures.

I ordered my book with no issues. It was easy and they offered the conveniences of paying with PayPal too. I will update this post on the quality of the book once I receive it.

If you need help using Nero Kwik Media, there are videos on YouTube to help.

Overall, there is nothing I can complain about as the software is easy to use and making the book was effortless. The only issue I had was choosing which photos to use!

UPDATE: I just received my personalized Nero Kwik Media photo book in record breaking time and LOVE it! The pictures are of the same quality that I had on my computer. I note that because I have ordered photo books from other places only to have a poor reproduction of the photos I submitted. The photos are clear, the colors are correct and of the right size. There has been no alterations to cause a poorer quality. The pages are heavy stock and the appearance is perfect. I also like the borders as it's not a poor imitation of a style rather it's elegant and very nice. I am very happy with the quality of the program in making the books, the ordering process was easy, shipment was quick and the overall quality of the book was exceptional. To date, the best looking photo book I have ordered and would definitely recommend!

This post is part of a SocialMoms product evaluation, for which I’ve been selected. One free photo book was made available to me for review purposes. I’ve been compensated for my time with a $100 PayPal payment. The opinions expressed in this post are mine and don’t necessarily reflect the opinions of SocialMoms or Nero.

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itsme said...

you had no trouble getting your coupon code to work? I have tried and tried and it keeps saying it is "invalid". I spent 2 days working on my book and had a ton of trouble with the software! I could not get the book to load to the cart and then, now, coupon code problems! ugh!!!

Judy Joyce said...

Sorry my comment is so late! I didn't have many problems other than the initial one and I'm not sure if it was the software or something conflicting on my computer. I had no issues with the coupon code either but saw a follow up e-mail with some details about the code. Did you get that?

Quirky Homemaker said...

I didn't have any problems with the coupon code. I did have issues in the beginning with losing a book I created because I wasn't signed in. I think they are getting a lot of the bugs out of the system right now. I will definitely be back. I looooove your "scrapbook" page you've done above. I can't wait to go back in and play more now!

Paul said...

@Health, Beauty, Children & Family - The screen shots of your book look great! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to review our new photo books service.

@itsme - Sorry to hear you're having difficulties with the coupon code. Shoot me an email at pbreton [at] nero.com and I'll see if I can help.

-Paul at Nero

Judy Joyce said...

@Michelle, I really like the program and I've ordered from a few places before but love this program/service the most. The quality was really nice. I ordered one post a Disney trip from a competitor and the quality was horrible. When I wrote the company, I received no response. I never went back.

@Paul, thank you and your commenting shows great concern for customer happiness!

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