Embracing a Healthy Family: All Natural Mini VitaCake Fudgy Chocolate Cakes Review

All Natural Mini VitaCake Fudgy Chocolate Cakes Review

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Are you part of so many others trying to lose weight or just trying to get healthier?  I am and many of my family and friends are.  I have tried diet after diet and nothing has worked until I started watching what I eat and exercising.  Watching what I eat is the key and watching what you eat can be boring.  I was eating cabbage soup in between other meals to have something a little healthier with low calories.  This is why I was completely surprised to  taste how good the all natural Mini VitaCake FudgyChocolate cakes are by Vitalicious.

Not only are they only 14 g of carbs and 1 g of fat but they are only 50 calories!  The kicker for me is they are natural.  If you want to snack on something not as good, you can eat four chocolate covered peanuts or this mini cake that really is delicious.  I find them to be the perfect snack in between meals and knowing that they are not going to be filled with processed sugars is a huge plus. 

You can purchase a 24 pack for only $21 online at Vitalicious.

It is chocolatey and some bites have a great tasting chocolate chip that enhances that bite.  It's moist, dreamy and wonderful!  I have been eating one a day and am still losing approximately two pounds a week.  They are conveniently packaged to take on the go or to pop in the microwave for a warm, gooey taste.  I am definitely sold and will be returning to Vitalicious for both myself and my children for great tasting snacks!

By the way, it only takes 7 minutes to walk off one VitaCake!

Vitalicious also has other products such as VitaTops, VitaMuffins, VitaBrownies and more!

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*Disclosure:  I was provided complimentary sample of product but the opinions are of my own.

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