Embracing a Healthy Family: Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection

Have you ever been a victim of identity theft?  I was once but was notified by the bank luckily.  Had we not been, we would have been responsible for over $500 of charged racked up by someone who obtained my credit information via a previous hack to a site I used in the past.  When thinking of people stealing your identity, it's a big deal.  Not only can it cost you immediately from a financial aspect but it has long term ramifications on your credit report and future interest rate charges.  IdentityHawk is one company that does provide the comfort needed for those incidents when someone steals your identity.

Identity theft protection is something I was missing and I was very fortunate that the bank caught it and put a stop on payment.  I do admit that it did require a lot of work on my part as I had to contact each online vendor where the purchases occurred to stop payment.  After I did that, made several calls to the bank, I was then instructed to file a report at the local police station.  That was a lot not to mention the mental duress of worrying if we caught all the transactions, caught them in time and would we be without the money.  I was relieved it ended happily but that's not always the case.

*Disclosure:  This is a paid post.

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