Embracing a Healthy Family: Having a Close Family

Having a Close Family

Content by Mauricio Benson:

"Having direct tv has made my family closer, if you can believe it. You’d think it would make us farther apart because we were always watching TV but actually we’ve started watching some shows together as a family and that’s been really helpful in all of us making time for each other. I wish I knew of some additional shows to watch…right now we’re really into Glee and So You Think You Can Dance and other shows like that, you know, family friendly stuff that’s still interesting enough to occupy a teenager. I love that my kids like us enough to want to stay in and watch TV with us on a weekly basis but I’m trying to soak it up now because I know that it won’t be a few more years before they’re off at college and have no interest in sitting at home with their boring parents! I hope they never feel like that but kids always do you know, it’s just the natural order of things."

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