Embracing a Healthy Family: I've Been MIA

I've Been MIA

Modeling her new suit.
It's been a few days since I posted and mostly because it's a combination of doctor appointments, school and planning a Hello Kitty party as all three of my girls want that theme this year which makes it handy since I can reuse and repurpose.  One wants plain Hello Kitty but since she wears glasses, I might mix that in some how.  The other one wants Hello Kitty princess and the oldest will take Hello Kitty anyway I want so I'll probably just switch out the colors. 

When I plan a party, I open a Word document to start collecting my thoughts.  Pinterest is a new tool I'm loving too since I can organize rather easily all the ideas in one place that are internet based and since there is an area for description, I can also add my notes.  I'm loving Pinterest but am not taking full advantage of it yet.  I've been slowly making the invitations and decorations so I don't have to rush along with buying things like straws, cookie cutters and more because I need to start practicing.  My Minnie Mouse party has been a huge hit with my readers and I have shared so many of the templates with others because it's fun to help others.

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Judy B. said...

Kitty has been popular for sooo long. I can remember my daughter loving Hello Kitty 15 years ago and I love it as well. She is 23 now and still loves go get Hello Kitty stuff! Can't wait to see your post about the party.

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