Embracing a Healthy Family: Cinderella Themed Birthday Party

Cinderella Themed Birthday Party

My youngest chose a Cinderella party theme this year for her party and she fell in love with an idea from Pinterest even though I didn't nail it.  I was a bit behind in the planning stages as I was supposed to be out of town but things were cancelled so my oldest and I had to move fast with the party.  For the carriage above, I purchased an orange bulb, blue sheer curtains for the table skirt, a shade tent and gold paint from Amazon.  The cupcakes included these cute edible pumpkins that my oldest daughter made.
I ordered the clock, crown and letters from Hobby Lobby.

The invitation I made by taking a sketch of the castle and colorizing it and using the Cinderella font along with other font.

The cake was a traditional doll cake mold with the addition of the Cinderella doll.  Floral icing was added as well as a fondant top and butterflies.

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