Embracing a Healthy Family: My Daughter, the Seamstress and Her Paris Inspired Dress

My Daughter, the Seamstress and Her Paris Inspired Dress

My oldest has found yet another skill she excels in and that's sewing.  For my younger one, she's the very happy recipient of many fine dresses.  I've been encouraging her to start selling dresses to help their family income since she's an at home mom.  She's also excellent in planning birthday parties down to each detail as well as many other things.  I'm really liking her desire to move forward with making dresses and can't wait for some of my own!

This is her Hi-Low dress she made inspired by Paris.  We bought the hat at Sears and even though it's a woman's size, it will grow with her helping to offset the costs.  My younger one is a diva and I suspect she will always be a fashionista.  She also has a huge love for all things British which makes sense since her maternal grandmother is from England and both sides of my mother and father's side originated from England and France.

She admits the front should be longer but my youngest is somewhat tall but her width makes her a smaller size.  My oldest is learning as she goes and this is providing her with great experience in understanding how to choose the different pattern pieces to match the size of the model.  All in all, she's having a lot of fun and she can turn out a dress in no time!

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