Embracing a Healthy Family: Top Five Fitness and Wellness Predictions for 2017

Top Five Fitness and Wellness Predictions for 2017

A new year and new trends to get in shape and get healthy are already upon us at every corner from various social media outlets to television to the magazines at the check out counter. It's really difficult to sort out what is good versus fad and potentially unhealthy. Last year was a mix of eating more natural coupled with squeezing in fitness routines no matter how one made it work. This year will be no different as social media continues to educate a more informed consumer looking for more healthy ways to ensure good health and longevity as well as atheleisure wear that allows one to dress for work with the flexibility to work out. The top fitness and wellness trends for 2017 will be plentiful with the ones I feel will have the biggest popularity include:

5. Vitamins and supplements will probably never go out of style with the advancement of technology and the array of claims of benefits. Vitamin D to fish oil to even smart pills are trending among many consumers. Supplements possibly provide the consumer with nutrients and other ingredients they might not normally get from poor eating habits or busy schedules. It's debatable among some of the claim but we consumers still purchase. "The global dietary supplements market is expected to reach USD 278.02 billion by 2024, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc." That is proof that the business is lucrative.

4. The increase consumption of fats and less carbohydrates will continue to rise given the host of diets and "experts" on social media touting various diets ranging from Atkins, variations to Atkins, Dukan and ketogenic themed diets. High fat/protein and low carbohydrate diets work but they aren't without their controversy either. Fats are not the evil heart killer as they once were perceived and various studies have proven that they are potentially good for us.

3. Organic eating continues to climb the chart of a profitable business with more and more consumers opting for less chemicals and preservatives. It's a tricky business as a consumer knowing what truly is organic versus natural versus dishonest claims to have to weed through. The issue of GMOs are everywhere and difficult to steer clear of especially given the fact that the consumer has to be diligent to find out what the animal was fed. If an animal was fed GMO corn, that then affects the quality of the "organic" meat or other animal product such as milk. 

2.  Wearable technology will continue to rise in popularity. The convenience of being able to track everything is a bonus especially for those that are busy and are on their feet a lot. From Apple to Garmin to Fitbit, it's a big business expecting to grow even more. Even the pharmaceutical and health industries are getting into the business. Companies such as CRF Health work with pharmaceutical companies in incorporating advance ways of data collection by the use of smart devices. It's a big business!

1. Strength training and athleisure will continue to rise given the host of research supporting the health and wellness claims. Strength training is easy and affordable and can be done just about in any environment. Clothing options has evolved to allow consumers choices in fitness fashion to remain active at anytime yet have a leisurely feel about their choices. One of the brands that I actually fell in love with last year was Betabrand. The great looking and high quality women's fitness fashion pants provide that great office look yet are made to move and allow the flexibility to take that walk at lunch time or even to drop and do some squats or lift some free weights. I did purchase the Boot-Cut Black Dress Pant Yoga Pant and love the fit and the quality of the fabric.

Those are my top five fitness and wellness predictions for 2017. I don't see much variance from the previous year rather more of a focus on getting natural and taking our health in our hands devoid of chemicals, preservatives and pesticides. Having the ability to be more involved in our health from wearable tracking devices to clothes that allow the flexibility to move will be hot topics this year.

NOTE: I was not compensated for this post.

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