Embracing a Healthy Family: Top 10 Ketogenic Diet Recipes

Top 10 Ketogenic Diet Recipes

After yet another year of not meeting the health goals I had set for my family, I decided it's better to try try again rather than give up and succumb to being a quitter. This year is no different from any other year except that my 28 year old is a cancer survivor and it's imperative that I try to lead by example and encourage healthful eating. I have adopted a thought process of baby steps as all or nothing never works for me and I slowly or more so rapidly, watch the scales skyrocket up. This time, I'm going to incorporate smaller steps to encourage and change the mindset of eating better and/or reducing consumption. One diet my son-in-law has had extreme success with is a ketogenic type diet. He joined the Navy and has had to lose weight and keep it off in a relatively short amount of time. He met his goal and he looks amazing and I do believe he feels better. With all the diets, it's hard to keep track of what is good, what is bad or what is different as the high protein, high fat, low carb diets are springing up all over the place with minor variations. 

Some feel they just can't follow such a rigid diet and utilize other means whether it's calorie counting, choosing a particular brand like MorningStar to reduce meat intake or combining exercise with smart food choices. For this post, I wanted to showcase some of the recipes my son-in-law included in his weight loss journey as a ways of possibly encouraging others to never give up. 

Ruled.Me has some great recipes and optional plans and books you can purchase. I am not affiliated with Ruled.Me nor do I get anything in return for posting rather I wanted to share what worked for my son-in-law. Here are the top 10 and recipes can be found with the link above.

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