Embracing a Healthy Family: Like to Barbecue or Use a Smoker? Cave Tools Meat Claws is a MUST Have

Like to Barbecue or Use a Smoker? Cave Tools Meat Claws is a MUST Have

We are a family full of barbecue lovers and after purchasing a smoker for my son-in-law last year, we still are trying to perfect the perfect brisket or pulled pork recipe. With any smoker or grill, the die hard lover requires tools to make the process more fun or just better. As we continued to use the smoker, we found that life is easier with a set of good tools to ease the process as if you ever tried using a smoker, it can take some work. Our turn to place for all things grill or smoker is Cave Tools. We recently received a complimentary pair of Cave Tools Meat Claws.  The claws are perfect sized for picking up large slabs of meat and ensuring it doesn't fall or you burn yourself. They are made of strong stainless steel which allows for easier shredding of meat and the textured non-slip handles have extra knuckle space which is ideal for larger hands. They are also easy to clean and comes in a trendy gift box.

We smoked pork and some brisket and the end result was DELICIOUS!  Even though the Cave Tools Meat Claws didn't affect the quality of taste, they definitely helped with the handling and shredding of the meat.  To see some of our other reviews, click on the links:


Don't forget to check out the Cave Tools website for more great products, recipe books and more!

About Cave Tools:  Started in 2013 by Michael "Medium Rare" O'Donnell, he started a company that provided good old fashioned American hard work into products that filled a void by other big brands. From products to recipe books to step by step instructions and tutorials videos, they provide for their customers. Don't forget to also check out Grill Master University as it's filled with so many resources such as this video tutorial for Stuffed Burger Recipes (click website for the actual video):

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