Embracing a Healthy Family: SGT. Stubby: An American Hero New Movie and SGT. Stubby Fun Giveaway $50 Value

SGT. Stubby: An American Hero New Movie and SGT. Stubby Fun Giveaway $50 Value

History is vital to teaching our children not only for the importance of learning about significant events but to ensure we don't repeat mistakes in the future. I'm a big war history fan and due to that, my children have a really good foundation about the Civil War, World War I and World War II. I loved the idea behind turning the real story about a faithful dog named Stubby into an animated movie and book for children called Stubby the Movie. Animals have been a part of many of the wars in the past and still today are utilized to help sniff out bombs and more.  Stubby found his way to fame on the drilling grounds of Yale University when Private First Class Robert Conroy noticed the small brindle mutt wandering around the field. The soldiers decided to name him Stubby after his tail and as they found themselves on their way to France, Stubby managed to join them.

The story doesn't end there as he continued to join in the action of 17 different battles and even received critical wounds during a chemical attack. Stubby was an amazing dog and after that critical event, his ability to detect incoming attacks heightened to where he was able to alert the soldiers. He even could understand English and German dialogue. He led medics to wounded Americans on the field and he even caught a German spy. At that point, he was promoted to SGT. Stubby. He survived the war and returned with Conroy to participate at rallys, parades and joined Conroy while he attended law school.

In 1926, SGT. Stubby died and his remains were donated to the Smithsonian where he is currently being featured as part of the "Price of Freedom" exhibit in the National Museum of American History. 

The new movie, SGT. Stubby: An American Hero is a computer animated film that will be in approximately 3,000 theaters across the US and Canada on April 13, 2018. Coinciding with the year-long 100th commemoration of the United States' role in the War to End all Wars or as others refer to it as the Great War or WWI, it stars Logan Lerman, Helena Bonham Carter and Gerard Depardieu with original score by Patrick Doyle (Brave, Thor, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire).

Here is the official trailer:

SGT. Stubby: An All American Hero movie is great for children to learn more about the war and don’t forget to check out the book Stubby the Dog Soldier: World War I Hero from Capstone. Recommended for readers ages 5-7, it is written by Blake Hoena and Illustrated by Oliver Hurst. It was also listed as a 2015 Notable Social Studies Trades Book for Young People selection from the National Council for the Social Studies & the Children’s Book Council. Below is my youngest reading to my grandson and they both enjoyed the book and the gift pack we received for posting this.  It's also a great homeschooling resource.

As another bonus, check out the fun FREE ACTIVITY PACK at www.StubbyMovie.com for more fun facts about Stubby plus some exciting activities!  Your child can even make their very own origami Stubby, complete a maze, color some sheets and more!

To learn more, visit SGT. Stubby: An American Hero online

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The Giveaway:
  • An Adorable free Stubby plush (value $20); 
  • a Stubby Kuzi (value $5); 
  • A Stubby drawstring bag (value $12); and 
  • A copy of the hardcover book Stubby the Dog Soldier: World War I Herofrom Capstone for ages 5-7 (value $14.95). 

A value of over $50!

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