Embracing a Healthy Family: New Children’s Animated Musical Movie ANCHORS UP Sails July 24th

New Children’s Animated Musical Movie ANCHORS UP Sails July 24th

Anchors Up is a 75 minute new children’s movie with an adorable little rescue boat called Elias. Elias is a hero when he answers the call to save a boat and is then asked to leave and work for the Big Harbor leaving his friends behind. While working in his new home, he discovers a gang mining illegally and not only are they mining a precious metal but this metal emits electromagnetic waves that affects the weather. Elias experiences what it means to have friends around to help.

My grandchildren and I were provided a screen link to view ahead of time and they were really into the movie! They thought it was funny and it had them enthralled from time to time with good, non-scary suspense. I believe they truly enjoyed it and it’s a fun safe film for your children.The moral of the story is one in which one becomes much stronger when accompanied by others. To me, it helped show the children team work is important in life as well as loyalty to your friends.

The animation is cute and modern with vibrant colors and interesting characters. They enjoyed it and we recommend it as a must see for the fun, the suspense, even a little romance and the animated scenes of the beautiful coastline of Norway.

Anchors Up is co-directed by William John Ashurt and Simen Alsvik and stars Cameron Simpson as the fearless rescue boat, Elias. The character Elias and the Rescue Boat was developed in 1988 by Alf Knutsen and Sigurd Slåttebrekk. The story might seem familiar to many as stories about the little Rescue Boat have been produced in 91 television episodes all around the world.

We recommend Anchors Up! See the Anchors Up trailer:

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You can purchase Anchors Up on Digital and On Demand on July 24th. Click on the link to purchase Anchors Up now.

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Anonymous said...

This movie looks adorable!

AsthmaBuddy said...

I read about this movie not too long ago. I can't wait to see it with my kids.

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