Embracing a Healthy Family: Perfect Gift Idea from PersonalizedCart: Natural Wood Watch Review

Perfect Gift Idea from PersonalizedCart: Natural Wood Watch Review

I spend so much time trying to find that unique and personalized gift for my family and friends and sometimes it's really difficult when someone doesn't have a lot of hobbies or interests. I can find a ton of things that I would buy myself as I have too many interests. My husband is turning 50 next month and I was trying to find a personalized gift to give him from the children. When I was asked to review a product of my choice from PersonalizedCart, I chose the natural wood watch due to the sleekness of its appearance. The wooden personalized box and how it was presented also sold me on picking this gift.

I'm the type that tries to not only pick the best gift possible that means something but I also enjoy making the gift look fabulous. PersonalizedCart does this for me already and I don't think I could have done a better job with presentation!

The watch is made from natural bamboo and has a smooth cowhide leather band. It's very soft and flexible. It is water resistant and the buyer has the option to have the back of the watch and the wooden gift box engraved for no additional cost! It's extremely affordable too!

We ended up giving the watch to him early for this review and he looked at it and said it looked great! He couldn't wait to open it and put it on. He liked how it fit and was happy it had a second hand as he needs that to take vital signs at work. It's very nice and sleek! The only draw back is it's hard to read the darkened back in some lights. To me, that's a minor drawback and it really does like very stylish. The box was really amazing and I suppose since I'm a wrapping paper nerd, I just loved the presentation of the watch.

PersonalizedCart.com has gifts for weddings, for her, for baby, and for him. There are so many personalized gifts to choose from and here are some of my favorites:

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Check out PersonalizedCart.com for your next gift!

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