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SoundBeginnings by Creative Baby, Inc Review & Giveaway Coming Soon!

Having a baby is such an exciting moment in anyone's life and with the increase of technology and new advancements, there are so many options available.  For years I have heard and read the benefits of music to the unborn and although I wasn't very good at exposing my unborn children to music, the options to do so now are amazing.  Creative Baby, Inc has a great new product called Sound Beginnings.  It's a device that fits around the expecting mother's belly and has a pocket for an MP3 player.  

My lucky daughter had a chance to try out the Sound Beginnings device and even before she received it, she was excited to try it out as this is her first child.  The Sound Beginnings Pre-Natal Sound Delivery Device is very comfortable.  It's made of nylon/lycra with a built-in speakers that allows her to play music, voice or any other soothing sound she likes via her iPod or any MP3 player.

No batteries are required since the band is powered by the MP3 player and the high quality sound are designed to keep the sound output safe for the baby.  The band is washable using the gentle cycle and cold water but you cannot dry it in a machine.  Another neat feature are the split headphones which allows two people to listen.  The one year warranty also adds to assurance that of a quality product.

The bands are versatile and come in three colors of nude, black and white and sizes of 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 with a great chart that shows what you are pre-pregnancy and what size belt to purchase.

It was so easy to use with the pocket and convenient, secured, velcro strips.  She was able to listen and play the music with little effort for her baby.  The recommendations are to use Sound Beginnings during the third trimester.

Here is a bonus feature:

Sound Delivery offers parents, friends and family a chance to bond in a unique way the unborn baby.   This amazing service allows anyone to record a message via their telephone.  Those messages are then sent to the parent via e-mail to upload the MP3 file to their player.  Each person has a unique account with a specific code to assure privacy.  With my husband stationed in Kuwait, this is a wonderful way for him to send a message to his grandbaby.   It's a 1-800 number for callers.  There is a fee for the account owner but not for the caller.  

This is revolutionary in allowing those from afar to stay connected and I really love the idea.

To see more, check out this video:

We both highly recommend the Sound Beginnings by Creative Baby, Inc.  If you would like to purchase, click here.

Stay tuned for a giveaway coming soon for the July Baby Shower Extravaganza!

Sound Beginnings is a sponsor of Blogmania 2010!

Here are some of the awards Sound Beginnings already received and for a full list, click here:


*I was provided a complimentary product from company or PR representative.

Princesseneige Etsy Shop

Looking for necklaces, children's bags, legwarmers, scarves or more?  Don't forget to check out Princess Eneige's Etsy Shop.  Some of the handmade items feature the softest baby alpaca from Perou.   Here are just a few of the beautiful handmade items available:

A child's bag Beautiful legwarmers Romantic necklace

About Princesseneige's Etsy Shop:

Original, luxurious and poetical hand knitted clothes and accessories for babies, kids and moms.

In my boutique you can find unique items for you or somebody you love. Each piece is unique and knitted with great care and special attention to details.

Using only 100% natural yarns and fabrics such as alpaca, cachmere, wool, cotton, linen, mohair and silk, this collection is made in France.

Visit her web-blog at http://princesseneige.canalblog.com/

Princesseneige has partnered up with Blogmania 2010 to provide this great giveaway item to one of my lucky winners:

Alpaca booties from my collection A little forest Elf.

Alpaca booties from my collection A little forest Elf.

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