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Just Dance Summer Party Review for the Wii

Just Dance Summer Party My kids love the Just Dance series and they love their Wii.  They love the collection of Just Dance games because of the songs and the sheer fun of dancing.  I'm delighted that they like it because it gets them moving and having fun.  The Just Dance Summer Party is packed full of summer fun tunes that includes songs from Katy Perry who they love!  They were dancing and grooving while working up a sweat.    This Summer Party version has over 20 tunes that are from the 80's, 90's and current and although you might think a child would grumble over the 80's and 90's music, they are the catchy dance tunes and some are from movies they are used to like Kung Foo Panda.

One of the features they liked was being able to dance together and when one doesn't want to play, they can dance solo.  They are both competitive so they really enjoy the dance offs to see who will score the highest.  This video shows them cranking it up to Katy Perry's Firework.  After this one, my eight year old said, "Oh, I had enough, I'm sweating!"

In this video, they were dancing and just giggled over the alien who dances with them.  You can hear how giddy my youngest is on the video.  

Track List

  • A Band of Bees - "Chicken Payback"
  • Blur - "Song 2"
  • Carl Douglas - "Kung fu fighting" (Dave Ruffy / Mark Wallis remix)
  • Estelle feat Kanye West - "American Boy"
  • Katy Perry - "Firework"
  • M/A/R/R/S - "Pump Up The Volume"
  • Panic At The Disco - "Nine in the afternoon"
  • Rihanna - "Pon De Replay"
  • Steppenwolf - "Born To Be Wild"
  • The Supremes - "You Can’t Hurry Love"
  • V V Brown - "Crying Blood"
  • Countdown Dee's Hit Explosion - "Barbie Girl"
  • Love Letter - "Why oh why"
  • Nick Phoenix and Thomas Bergersen - "Professeur Pumplestickle"
  • Studio Allstars - "Maniac"
  • Sweat Invaders - "Skin-to-Skin"
  • The Hit Crew - "Here Comes The Hotstepper"
  • The Lemon Cubes - "Mambo NO. 5" (A Little Bit Of Monica)
  • The Lemon Cubes - "Moving On Up"
  • The Reverend Horatio Duncan & Amos Sweets - "Down By The Riverside"
  • The World Cup Girls - "Futebol Crazy"
  • Game Exclusive -- A R Rahman, Pussycat Dolls featuring Nicole Scherzinger - "Jai Ho!" (You are my destiny)
  • Game Exclusive -- Sweat Invaders - "Funkytown'"


It can have up to four player local support and with the dance battle, dance party or sweat option, there are more ways to engage the family and have fun while getting a workout!  Overall, they just love the Just Dance Summer Party and I think it's now their favorite one.  My youngest said, "this is cool, Mom!"  She really has had a great time playing it.  We received it on Thursday and she's played it each day.  If you like to dance or your kids like to dance, this is ideal to purchase especially if you are looking for some fun family time, want to get the kids moving or to exercise.  I love it as well.

You can purchase Just Dance Summer Party by clicking on the title.

Thank you to Ubisoft for sponsoring this UbiChamps blog post. Please click here to learn more about Ubisoft. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own.

60 Day SlimDown System with Lindsay Brin Review

60 Day SlimDown System - Get your Body BackI think nearly every woman can relate how the new year approaches, New Year's resolutions abound with the typical one of losing weight.  I have the same one year after year but this year, I changed the resolution simply to 'getting healthier for myself and family.'  To me, this is much more sensible as losing weight is about getting healthier by eating right and exercising.  I had a chance to try out Lindsay Brin's DVD in 2010 and loved her high energy.  When given the chance to try the Lindsay Brin 60 Day SlimDown System, I couldn't pass that up.  If you don't know anything about Lindsay, you will grow to love her from her workouts to her blog.  Lindsay, to me, is a real woman who has had children and understands how difficult it is to lose the weight although you can't tell by looking at her as she's fabulous.

The beauty of the 60 Day SlimDown System is variety.  Lindsay provides the tools necessary to ensure success with a downloadable SlimDown packet.  The packets is full of everything you need such as a 60 day calendar, a 60 day meal plan and more.  They are easy to follow and for those that need more direction, this is perfect.  It's also great for anyone as studies have shown that those who log their exercise and food intake, tend to have more success.

The 60 Day SlimDown System works within the first 10 days by increasing your metabolism and shedding pounds.  When you workout with Lindsay, you will understand as the workouts our chalked full of routines that get you moving and are easy to follow.  They are not full of elaborate moves that make it difficult for the uncoordinated (i.e. me).

All of Phase 1 workouts can be done in 30 minutes which is wonderful for those that don't have a lot of time or can't get hour long blocks due to work, kids and so forth.  I'm constantly interrupted by a house full of young children so having something in 30 minutes is ideal for me.  Phase 2 increases the challenge thus increasing the loss with all workouts being under 45 minutes.  It's a nice gradual evolution into adding the challenge when you are most likely ready versus throwing in a workout too hard to complete and you feel more compelled to drop out.  Phase 3 is geared towards seeing results after the initial 60 days.  Lindsay has thought of everything to offer this comprehensive, easy to follow plan to get you healthier.  The only thing you need are a set of 1-2 pound weights.

The 60 Day SlimDown System includes four DVDs:

  1. Lindsay Brin CFS Method
  2. Lindsay Brin Core Metabolic Jumpstart
  3. Lindsay Brin Postnatal Boot Camp
  4. Lindsay Brin Shed 5 Fast
The workouts include three levels ideal for each fitness level.  This is a great feature as some movements are too advanced for some of us with little activity.  As I noted, when you find something too hard, you are probably more likely to drop out whereas Lindsay's program has it covered.  When you click here, you can view trailers of the workouts to get an ideal of how the workouts are geared.

It really is a great workout program for any woman, whether a mom or not.  Lindsay is high energy and motivational.  The fact she has had children appeals to me because she was able to end up looking like this with her program so I know it works.  The workouts left me challenged, sore and with the knowledge that when I follow the program for 60 days, I will look amazing!  I look forward to seeing my end result and definitely recommend this program to anyone wanting to feel better and look great.

You can buy Lindsay's 60 Day SlimDown System for $49.99 and if you use this special coupon code '60daydvd30', you can save 30% off but hurry as the coupon code expires January 31st!

Lindsay's site is full of great information that includes:

  • Weight Loss Tools - weight loss calculator, metabolism/bmr, goal setting, meal plan and tracker
  • Quick Recipes - kids size, family size and Lindsay's family food journal
  • Get the Skinny - food & exercise, pregnancy, post pregnancy, exercise FAQ and how to get rid of.


You can follow Lindsay on FacebookTwitter or her blog.  Her blog is full of great information to help you along your journey, actual photos of Lindsay's transformation from post pregnancy and much more.

I received the 60 Day SlimDown thrugh MamaBuzz for the purpose of this review

EA Active More Workouts for Wii Giveaway 5/18 CLOSED WINNER


An e-mail has just been sent and the winner has 48 hours to provide their mailing information. 

Thanks to all those who entered!
I own so many Wii fitness games and if only I would use them regularly, I'd be looking as hot as Jillian Michaels but between kids, working, a house and so forth, it's hard finding the time.  My favorite game of all is EA Active More Workouts for our Wii system.

This is my favorite because you can workout with a partner and that is motivating for me.  Being able to workout with my 21 year old or my six year old is great fun.  The exercises are customizable thus increasing the fun of it. I can't think of one thing I don't like about EA Active More Workouts.

Product Features:

Enjoy extensive multiplayer support that allows you to workout with a buddy (additional EA Sports Active exercise accessories not included).

EA Sports Active More Workouts keeps your EA Sports Active workout fresh with over 35 all new exercises and fitness activities.

The 6 Week Challenge, a total body, structured fitness plan that accommodates both experienced 30 Day Challengers and new users of EA Sports Active.

Compatibility with EA Sports Active Personal Trainer that allows you to transfer details like age, weight, name and gender from the old game, and recognize your previous workout information and goals.

Get fitness and nutrition tips from professionals with the included Fitness Book. This book will help you keep going on your journey to better health with tips, tricks and advice on good nutrition and fitness.

The Giveaway:

I won an EA Active More Workouts so I get to give it away to one of my readers!

To Enter:

Follow my blog and leave a comment!

Extra Entries:
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  • Follow me on Twitter (3 entries)
  • Fan my Facebook page (3 entries)
  • Blog about this giveaway (5 entries) - can be done weekly - once a week until 5/18
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  • Enter any of my other giveaways (5 entries)
Giveaway ends 5/18 at midnight and winner will be chosen by random.org.  Thanks!

MUVE Dance/Exercise DVD Review

Dance yourself to fitness at home with MUVE the first spontaneous dance/exercise method!

MUVE is a fun, new and unusual way to dance. It's a spontaneous dance workout that is a complete break away from the current complex and heavily choreographed dance exercise videos on the market. MUVE loosens up the body and relaxes the mind. It makes you feel at ease and shake off your inhibitions on the dance floor.

There are 2 DVDs now available: Mellow MUVE #1 and Family MUVE #1 that are sold at www.muve.com.

Each DVD features 17 original spontaneous dance actions with a colorful cast of everyday people from age 7 to 87. A "MUSE" (lead dancer) and dazzling animated graphics supply guidance. The viewers follow loosely or create their own dance. All instructions are given visually only, so the music can be enjoyed to the fullest. The DVDs feature original music by top artists from Hawaii and the Pacific: John Cruz, Sister Roby Kahakalau, Sean Na'auao, Willie K. and Eric Gilliom as Barefoot Natives, Don Tiki, Te Vaka, Jroq".

The whole family can spend quality time as they MUVE together, a healthy alternative to sitting watching others perform on TV. Children to seniors can exercise together with the Family MUVE or Mellow MUVE DVDs. MUVE is never too hard or too easy, because MUVE encourages individuals to tailor their movements to fit their needs, faster or slower, bigger or smaller, to be just right for them. With MUVE people of all ages, shapes and sizes can exercise together!

Maggie Kunkel, the creator of MUVE who has been teaching the method in Hawaii for over a decade says: "No memorization is required and you can't do it wrong. MUVE is versatile, you can do it nice and easy and you can do it rough and hard. We are not striving for perfection, but for energizing the body and giving our busy minds a break. There's magic in music, it can move you beyond shyness straight into physical and mental joy. And when the dance is over, you'll suddenly realize: "Oh, I just had a workout, and it didn't feel like work at all!"

Dancing is an effective, all natural remedy in the fight against diabetes, heart disease, obesity, aches and pains, and not to forget, mental and emotional overload. As Ka'imi, a long time MUVER puts it: "I can start off feeling down, even tired or achy, and as I start dancing, all stress melts away. I surrender to the music and I feel joy. It's so easy, so simple, so fast. And afterwards, my whole being is more alive, I am breathing more deeply, I am relaxed, energy is running through my body, my mind is clear, my outlook is bright . . . and all good things are possible. All this from dancing to a song!"

See sample videos at http://www.muve.com/.

The Review:

I liked the concept of the program as it's a concentrated effort to encourage do what you want but just move.  It's nice that it's not rigid in terms of conforming to the moves required to feel like you "belong" and accomplished the task of exercising.  The casual approach is fun and light but being that I used to live in Hawaii, I'm a little partial to this!  This is an exercise program that your toddler would probably love to "help you" with since it's colorful, has playful music and again, not rigid with the moves.

My six year old did not like it and prefers the Wii games to workout to. Perhaps it's the lack of dance culture in her life that didn't allow her to like it but it is definitely a great workout and one that would appeal to dance enthusiast, the young and playful.  I also think this would be great for someone with limited ability to have stressful routines as it's more casual, at your own pace.

Youthful Tips

Fitness Magazine's Customized Workout Video Check It Out!

Did you know that FitnessMagazine.com has a great feature to build your own workout video?

It's an easy step by step tutorial:
  1. Pick the body parts you want to target:  abs, chest, arms, legs, back, shoulder, butt and thighs.
  2. Choose how much time you want to workout: 15 mins, 20 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins or 60 mins.
  3. Select from the equipment you have to use: yoga mat, dumbells, scarf/towel, chair, step, exercise ball, ankle weights or bench.
It also provides an option to instead choose a goal between a four week all over make over or a 20 minute miracle workout.

Just to try it out, I'm a wimp mind you, I picked my abs, butt, thighs and arms for 15 minutes with an exercise ball and bench.

Click here is the customized workout.

You can make changes to the routine.  This is really a great workout option where you can control what you do.

The Flex Mini Skirt

This is the first time I have seen the The Flex Mini Skirt® with the claim of ”clinically proven to tone the buttocks & backs of thighs.”
Here is the website with the specifics: http://www.flexmini.com/main/?mcp=3845
Women’s Version of the Belt:
Slendertone Revive Muscle Conditioner
Men’s Version of the Belt:
Slendertone Men’s System Abs Toning Belt
“The Flex Mini Skirt® tones and strengthens the same muscles that are worked when you do squats, lunges, go skiing, running, or work out on the elliptical cross trainer in the gym. All these activities are great for your body’s shape, but hard work. If you thought it was impossible to get a firmer, better shaped bottom and backs of the thighs, think again because the Flex Mini Skirt® makes it easy.
This is not a product that doesn’t results – it is a medical technology that works for everyone. It will work for you too. Just ask any of the over two million Flex product pustomers worldwide…
Clinical studies prove the Flex Mini Skirt® works in as little as four-eight weeks. The Flex Mini Skirt® clinical study showed that:
100% of users said it worked
92% of users say it is easy to fit into their daily routine
90% of users saw an improvement in their body shape
90% said they were firmer and more toned
90% said the backs of their legs were tighter
80% reported that their clothes felt looser
80% said their bottom was more uplifted
The best part is you can use it whenever you want to. The Flex Mini Skirt® is clinically proven to deliver a firmer, stronger and more toned butt/hamstring muscles while you are: at home, at work, watching TV, exercising, folding laundry, helping your kids with their homework, taking a walk…virtually anywhere and anytime.”
The cost is $199.99 but it does have a “60-day money-back guarantee assures customers that they can return their Flex Mini® if needed. This is one of the added bonuses about ordering the Flex Mini®—the manufacturer is committed to putting their customers above their own interests. Another feature that emphasizes this point is the 2 year warranty all Flex Minis® are backed with.”
I can’t find any links to the FDA unless they submitted the application under another name and I can’t find anything relative to actual tests that were ran on efficacy.
This website has alleged user reviews that look overwhelmingly positive (suspicious): http://naturalsuperfoodsblog.com/exercise-fitness/flex-mini-skirt-user-reviews/
I was able to find that Biomedical Research has an approved application on the FDA site in which they provided an independent research study noting that the 60 women who tried their butt and thigh toning stimulating device did find marked improvement over an eight week period. However, they do not note if the women in this trial for Slendertone Flex Bottom and Toning device exercised outside of using the belt. You can buy this at Amazon for only $299.95 (yikes)! http://www.amazon.com/Slendertone-Bottom-Toning-System-Shorts/dp/B0006JJFSI
Overall, it appears the technology to stimulate the muscles which simulates exercising has been approved by the FDA. Any readers try it yet? I actually had the stomach one and used it but I lost my 40 lbs by eating correctly and exercising in conjunction with the belt so can’t really say if it helped or not. For the cost, I’d say “exercise.”
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