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Ficklets For Kids and Fashionable Women

I have posted before about Ficklets and I keep posting because I think it's such a great product!  Growing up with glasses, I remember the stigma behind them and how uncooll they were.  The choices back in the day of the dinosaurs, well maybe not that long ago, were not fun and in fact, they were downright ugly.  Kids have so many choices but never had they had the choice to customize their glasses with cute, adorable, fashionable and sporty charms like they do now.

Many of the Ficklets are catered towards girls which is where I'd expect the desire to come from as let's face it, us girls are stylish and fashionable.  There are choices for boys such as if he is an avid basketball, baseball, football or soccer fan.  The skulls under holidays would appeal to most boys too!

For the girls, there are so many choices ranging from flowers, hearts, ballet shoes, animals, stars, food to shapes.  I love the exotic animals and can imagine a little boy or girl sporting panda bears or giraffes on their frames.

Ficklets were created to fit on the template area of the frames.  They are easily attached and can be exchanged for a new set at anytime.  The cost allows a parent to buy more than one set thus increasing the likelihood your child will be excited to wear their glasses.

The selection under "classic" are very appealing to the tween, teen or older woman.  They are stylish, elegant and add such a nice sublte bling factor that you can't pass up.  I had to have some and they make my glasses look amazing!

If you have a child who wears glasses or wear glasses yourself, check out http://www.ficklets.com/ and you won't be disappointed.  The brilliant owner, Ros, is amazing and wonderful and great to work with!

*Disclaimer:  I was not paid nor compensated for this post.  I just love Ficklets!

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Unique Ways to Personalize Your Glasses: Ficklets Eyewear Charm Huggers Review & Two Winner Giveaway 2/6/10: CLOSED WINNERS


AILEEN AND ♥Lisa♥ @ FinalScore:Boys3Girls2!!!

Aileen contacted me and said she won at another site and to pass this one to another winner!  How wonderful!

Aileen's replacement winner is Bacallsmom!  bbentry [at] aol [dot] com 



It's always nice to be able to project an image that is fitting of your personality and style.  Many products cater to this ability to apply fashion with your style but one new unique way is through charms that hug your eyelgasses.  I was first introduced to this creative way of putting a little jazz or personality into something that is an everyday feature of your face.  Ficklets is a great new product that will not only excite your child about wearing eyeglasses but is also a great way to let them grow individually.  There were even charms that I liked given the beauty and classiness of them.

Ros Guerrero, is not only a mom but the founder and creator, of this great idea to allow children to change their glasses based on their likes and even their hobbies.  Ficklets are so inexpensive, they can choose to have a wardrobe to match their clothing, their events or however they are feeling for the day.  Ficklets were created based on the inspiration of a 14 year old special needs girl, Gem, who was unhappy with wearing glasses.  Since having Ficklets, all that has changed!  To read more about Ros or Gem, click HERE.

I received the yellow daisies (pictured above) and they were just as cute as the picture shows.  They fit perfect on my niece's glasses and she loved them.  They really are nice and as I already noted, are very inexpensive.  She wants more and all her friends at school love them.  I would recommend them to anyone given the variety of choices.

There are animals, flowers, misc. styles to include holidays and other fun shapes and sports and arts.  For the older child or even adult, there is this nice variety:

The detail doesn't show up as well in my picture.  The stones accentuate the charms perfectly adding a classy look. 

Ficklets are so easy to attach to the glasses.  They attack to the temple of the frame by a band but only fit up to a size 7 mm wide frame so make sure the glasses will work.  Per the Ficklets' site, if you have wire frames, just wrap the band twice or twist.  It's that easy!

This really is a great way to encourage your child to like their glasses and wear them.  It might even make them feel better about themselves knowing they can show off a little bit of their fashion style.

The Giveaway:

Two lucky winners will receive TWO Ficklets of their choice!  This is a great offer!

To Enter:

Follow my blog and visit http://www.ficklets.com/ and leave a comment to what you would pick if you won.

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Giveaway ends February 6 at midnight.  Winners will be chosen by random.org.

US only please.

Thanks for entering!

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