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Mamavation - Week Six Even Mothers Need Mothering

This past week was an interesting week with the return of my husband from Kuwait and an upcoming move and more.  I decided to reward myself one day and ate too much and then on Friday, I ate half an order of General Tso's Chicken from my favorite Chinese place.  Luckily, it was one of the worse orders I have had from them so I didn't eat it all which is good.  Bad is my daughter brought home a Mother's Day from school which they partnered with the local grocery store who makes awesome cakes so I splurged on that.  That would have been alright as Saturday rolled around as I was doing well until 5 pm when I broke down and had another piece of cake and then a ton of chips and salsa.  I haven't even weighed myself as I know from early yesterday, I picked up a couple of pounds so I'm sure I'm still there.

After receiving my Mother's Day gift from my eight year old, I teared up to see how far she has come with writing her own cards and making gifts.  My youngest was dressed and playing with a puppet that my very kind friend at AdorableBabyClothing sent them.  The picture reinforced why I have to get healthier as I want to see them make all the milestones from childhood to adult.  Today, I'm being pampered as a mother should be from time to time!

I'm on a race to get in shape for our trip to Disney May 20th.  I have been trying and retrying and I keep failing until about three week's ago where I was able to stay committed to my diet of the moment.  I had lost 16 pounds but since I picked back up 2, I'm at 14 down.  I am not letting it set me back as I know that I was rewarding myself for being a mom and although my food choices could have been better, I'm still learning. I did pick up a Kit Kat bar and ate only one of the four bars and put it down.  It wouldn't have been too long ago that I would have devoured the whole thing like a lion to a gazelle but I am learning on my baby step journey.  Today, starts the renewed diet path forward, being patient with myself, so cheers!


This week's Blogging Carnival question:

Do you know when to back off of your efforts? When is the last time you took a step back in the name of gentle kindness to yourself?

I would say that I don't mainly because when I back off, it's all or nothing and when it's nothing, I binge-like eat.  I don't know limits sometimes and I've always been a stress eater.  I'm learning though and when I fall off the band wagon, I think of Pete telling us to reward ourselves not with food but with something else.  I'm making slow progress but I'm making progress so I can't be too hard on myself.  Gone are the days of telling myself I'm fat and never going to do it.  I've been afraid to tell my family that I'm on diet #98789 because I keep failing but to me, as long as I keep trying, I'm not failing.  It took some time to not be so harsh toward myself but I feel success is there as every day, I'm getting there and it's an every day habit.  

I wrote this blog post while participating in the Mamavation Blogging Carnival for a chance to win a Jillian Moriarity workout  DVD from Jillian Moriarity” at the end of your post if you enter the blogging carnival.
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