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Our Princess/Dress Up Party

In honor of my two nieces going back to Indiana, I wanted to have a special party for them.   Since we had left over Cinderella costumes from prior purchases from Adorable Baby Clothing, I chose a princess/dress up party for them.  The only things we were missing were tutus, jewelry and feather boas.  Claire's was the perfect stop for this impromptu visit and I spent way more than I wanted to but at the end of the day, it was worth it as memories are priceless.


My oldest put nails on them that we also found at Claires and they all looked like little divas!  I used the roll of zebra paper we had left over from the Minnie Mouse party for the background.  I used my make up as what dress up party is complete without it!  I definitely learned why I never became a make up artist!

I also stopped at Publix and picked out a pretty cake for them to have Kool-aid and cake to top it off.

Overall, we had a great time, wrapped up great memories and I tried to save money with existing things like costumes.  I plan on using Smilebox to give the girls a complete online memory of their summer with us!  This was a special summer for us with their dad being in Kuwait for the year so I hope having my nieces helped.  I had one of my other nieces here for two weeks and took her back two weeks ago while the other two decided to stay for four weeks.

Minnie Mouse Party Today!

We just had our Minnie Mouse party today with all the nieces and they had a great time.  The cotton candy machine wasn't working right so my oldest had to run to Walmart for pre-made cotton candy but all went well!  My other related blog post with where I purchased items has more information here.

I purchased the matching Minnie Mouse dresses at Amacim's Etsy shop here.

Baby Shower Party Ideas

Do you have any ideas of how amazing the internet is?   I'm in the middle of planning a Minnie Mouse party for my youngest, another birthday party and baby shower for my oldest.  The summer is always the busiest in our family with quite a few parties.  Since hubby is in Kuwait, his birthday will have to be in a box so that's another planning session!

The Celebration Shoppe

While blog hopping, I've found so many cute ideas so I thought I would share them as well as keep them in my "memory bank" as I proceed as I'm finding way too many I love.

This is from Jenna Eat Drink Pretty:


Monster truck party from Posh Tot Events.


Who can resist ladybugs?  This one is from The Celebration Shoppe:


One of the hardest things I find when planning a party is the back drop.  I always hate not being able to find the perfect backing.  Celebration Shoppe also has posted about this


Back to where I started:  Pink and Brown Polka Dots is the theme I'm looking for the baby shower inspired by The Celebration Shoppe.


Another great find at The Celebration Shoppe are printables!  You buy the template and print as many as you like.  Cute tip she listed too on the toothpick appearance for a raised look:  use the foam stickers you get at a craft store!  


She's really making the idea of the baby shower sound even easier with an all in one package of invitations, thank you notes and printables.  I'm really liking this theme too:


Have a party?  Check out The Celebration Shoppe here.

For the girls' Minnie Mouse party, I'm following what Heavenly Blooms Floral Design did for her daughter:


Too Adorable!
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