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Mamavation Mondays: Week Two


I was bad, I skipped last week's post mostly because of life.  I had a lot going on but mostly it was planning for my 23 year old's birthday as well as an interview for my eight year old's non-profit.  We had a great party that gave me the bad excuse to eat what I wanted over a two day period and I paid for in the amount of three pounds.  I pick up weight by looking at food.  The good news is, I'm still keeping off 15 pounds from when I lost it post May.  Our party was good and all three of my kids and grand baby had fun:


My plan has been mostly working out in the pool every day and watching what I eat in terms of carbs and calories by following the controversial Dukan Diet.  I've been focusing on protein and low fat foods granted I know I need fruit and vegetables, I figure the short term sacrifice is okay given how being overweight and unhealthy in the long term is far worse.  So today marks back on the bandwagon and loose those pounds!

My goal next week is to report a weight loss!


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Question: What has been your favorite Grunt Style workout? If you aren’t doing his workouts what has been your strength training routine?
I am not doing any of the Grunt Style workouts and and I'm not doing any strength training even though I know I should.  I do have a Kettleball and every now and then, I do use it but not near enough.

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