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RoleMommy and Bravado! Designs: Calling All Nursing Moms! Giveaway! 2/14 CLOSED WINNER




Don't forget to enter the $50 Sears Gift Card and Mikisso $220 Hana Flat Iron along with the other giveaways!

More are coming:  Jenny McCarthy Wii Fitness Game & baby products!

random.org is used to select from eligible entries!

RoleMommy and Bravado! Designs are calling Mommy Bloggers to raise awareness on the Bravado! Designs nursing line as well as a brand new sweepstakes by Bravado! Designs

If you haven't heard of Bravado! Designs, they are known for bras fit for breastfeeding.  The Bravado Design’s 18 year old signature line is truly the gold standard in nursing wear and beginning January 14, the brand will be introducing an affordable new line of nursing wear in Target stores across the country.

Bravado! Designs is hosting the Basics by Bravado “Spot a Mom” sweepstakes in which participating moms will be entered to win $500 worth of must-have items for their baby.

Here’s how you can enter:

  • PhotobucketFind the nearest Target store in your area offering Basics by Bravado nursing wear (click HERE for a a complete store listing).
  • Visit the store and snap some pics of yourself finding the Basics by Bravado store display.
  • Email your photo, along with your name and contact details to basics@bravadodesigns.com.
If you get a chance to try out the Bravado! Designs website, there is an area that helps you to determine what to buy:
  • Just pregnant
  • Due date is coming up
  • New baby arrived
  • Little one is a few months old
  • I'm a curvalalicious mom <-- love that as that's me!
  • I've got a hot date coming up <-- great concept as why can't a nursing mommy be sexy too?
  • Comfort
  • I'm a green mama <-- very nice feature!
  • I like to wear it like a celebrity
  • I'm going back to work soon
  • I need the perfect baby shower gift
Find out what others have found in Fit Pregnancy, American Baby, InShape, Parenting and more!  There is a wealth of information on Bravado's website to even help you learn all about breastfeeding.  I strongly believe in breastfeeding and started all three of my girls out with it. 
About Basics by Bravado:

Basics by Bravado is an accessible, comfortable and functional nursing wear collection which includes a sleep bra, t-shirt bra and an inner wear camisole. The Basics by Bravado collection offers women who crave Bravado’s products and the knowledge of breastfeeding that come with them, an option that you can grab-and-go at an affordable price. Bravado is offering this collection as part of the company’s commitment that all mothers deserve a great nursing experience.

I love that Bravado will now being offered at Target as that was one of my favorite places for maternity wear shopping!

The Giveaway:

A Bravado Nursing Tank from the Bravado Designs Collections.

To Enter:

Follow my blog and tell me what other type of bra from Bravado you would choose.

Extra Entries (five each)

Follow Bravado! Designs on Twitter.
Follow me on Twitter.
Join the Bravado Mama Club (it's free)
Subscribe to my blog.
Blog about this giveaway
Tweet about this giveaway (can be done daily).

Giveaway ends 2/14 at midnight and the winner will be chosen by random.org.

US only please.

*Disclaimer:  I did not receive any compensation for this post.

Youthful Tips

What was the most surprising gift you've ever received?

Thinking back to what was the most surprising gift I have ever received would be a toss up.  Thanks to TwitterMoms and Target, I had to take some time to think and reflect on the answer to this one.  Being 41, I've had a lot of Christmas memories to ponder.  My earliest memory would be the arrival of a baby brother 34 years ago.  He didn't arrive on Christmas but December 23rd was pretty close!  That one big event altered the path of many lives which produced many more memories.

I could also think of many others like marrying in Hawaii three year's ago at Thanksgiving and finding out I was pregnant right around Christmas or just all the years spent with my beautiful girls.  To choose one that sticks in my mind of the most recent present, there would be two with this one coming in second with my in-laws.

I watched a grown man reduced to tears as he opened a photo book I put together by Blurb that contained the military history of his father during WWII.  I not only utilized photos he had on his father but I added the military records and photographs that related to where he was during that time period.  The inside jacket included a picture of my father-in-law with a dedication.  He was so proud of that book that he ordered multiple copies for everyone in the family to include the extended family.

Right before that, I also watched my step-mother-in-law tear up as she opened a box that had a personalized black and white photo of her and her sister as little girls talking to Santa.  I "stole" the photo from her picture blog and had it made as a surprise.  She also ended up ordering more for her family members.

I have to say the most memorable present was finding out my dad was cancer free.  He was battling an advanced stage of colon cancer. He waited too long to go in when he had the initial warning signs and symptoms so this meant aggressive treatment.  I had a boss that was so good to me and allowed me to spend most of my summer there helping out.  He had radiation and chemo therapy which followed by a surgery to remove what they could.  He was a trooper and for being 70 at that time, amazing!  He was still mowing the yard and was active. I don't know how he did it but he did.  Three years later, he was with me while my husband was deployed to Iraq and after a battery for retests, he was still cancer free.  Christmas, three year's ago, was the best!

Giving is the most special time of this season and to be able to give such a heartfelt gift is better than any gift received.

What is your most memorable time?  Enter at TwitterMoms!


Youthful Tips

What three favorite family Thanksgiving traditions have you passed or will pass on to your children?

Growing up in a limited extended family, holiday traditions weren't overly memorable.  We did have the tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving with an overindulgent feast but that is all I can recall.  The holidays are very special to me and I hope that with my actions, my girls will grow up to continue, extend or find their own tradition. 

TwitterMoms (click for how to enter your traditions) has teamed up with Target for another thoughtful blogger challenge on "What three favorite Thanksgiving traditions have you plassed or will pass on to your children?"
  • Tradition 1:  Watching football!  We are huge fans of football and all five of us have special teams.  We have own own team supportive jerseys with our names on the back.  The two younger girls get to wear the team's jersey of who they favor or want something from at the moment. 
  • Tradition 2:  Creating all the delicious foods my mom made growing up each Thanksgiving.  This includes candied yams which are my favorite!  My mom makes the BEST candied yams. 
  • Tradition 3: This is a new tradition as now that we are together as a larger family (remarried three year's ago to my Army husband), I plan on creating a photo book through Target's partner Kodak of the day's pictures and during dinner, each person will need to say what they are thankful for.  The beginning of the book will be broken down by a picture of each person in attendance with their quote added.  The books will be done every year as a momento to the girls as they grow to reflect back at their changing lives.  I'm sure the two year old will just be happy to watch Yo Gabba Gabba but I'll fill in for her.
I hope they will take the memories and grow with them!

Youthful Tips
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