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Hidden Valley® Veggie Critter Snacks Recipe for a Fun Afternoon

I love the Twittermoms challenges and look forward to them all.   This challenge is with Hidden Valley®, vegetables and your little one's imagination!  If you want to try your hand at it, click here and join in on the fun!  We moved into a health kick and although we aren't altogether there yet, we have been purchasing more fruits and vegetables.  With that, it's always a struggle to get the girls to eat more so creating this was fun and did get them engaged in having a healthy snack.

Here is what you need:

  • 1 packet Hidden Valley® The Original Ranch® Salad Dressing & Seasoning Mix
  • 2 8 oz. tubs reduced fat cream cheese
  • Romaine lettuce
  • A couple of strawberries
  • Grapes
  • Carrots
  • Celery

You can use a wide variety of chopped, colorful vegetables such as: asparagus, cherry tomatoes, crinkle cut carrots, baby carrots, bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber, eggplant, shredded carrots and olives

For our recipe of Jamie's Veggie-Fruity Fun, here are the instructions:

  1. Add the seasoning mix to the cream cheese.
  2. Stir until well combined.  This is a fun step for the kiddies as they love to mix and stir and get things on their hands!
  3. Cut the romaine leaves into butterfly shapes (with mom's help)
  4. Use two small strips of celery and place a layer of the Hidden Valley® mixture to add flavor and to stay in place as the antennas of the butterfly.
  5. Use the Hidden Valley® mixture again to place a grape on each end of the antenna. 
  6. Shred the lettuce on top of the butterfly template to create a little salad.  Another fun step as what kid doesn't like to shred things?
  7. Cut up pieces of carrots and add dabs of the Hidden Valley® mixture to the underside to help them stay in place and give them more flavor.
  8. For the flower, take a strawberry and cut into four sections without fully cutting through the strawberry.  Pull the four sections back slightly and place some of the Hidden Valley® mixture in the middle of the strawberry and place a grape in the middle. 
  9. Add a piece of celery for the stem with a line of the Hidden Valley® mixture along the stem.

Optional:  Add raisins or Hidden Valley® ranch dress to spruce up the salad or eat as is for more of a finger food. 

This is such a wonderful idea to get your children involved in eating healthier and preparing them for a better future with seeing how cooking with vegetables and fruits are fun!

Have any great ideas yourself?  I'm always looking for fun, new ideas to share with my kids who just happen to love to cook!

Disclaimer:  This post is part of a blogging contest from the TwitterMoms community. There is a chance this post could be selected to win a $25 AmEx Gift Card, so wish me luck! For more details, you can view the contest page here (link to: http://www.twittermoms.com/forum/topics/share-your-veggie-critter)

How to Make a Huggies Diaper Cake with Glue Dots Adhesives

My oldest is pregnant with her first baby due 10/10/10 (cool isn't it?)!   For part of her gift, I'm making a Huggies Diaper Cake and I'll provide the instructional here.  I just started to make it ahead of time for this post so I'm missing some of the gifts but you will get the idea if you decide to make one yourself.

Step 1:
Take one Huggies diaper and roll up as shown in the picture below.  Start with the open end, roll and secure with a rubber band.

Step 2:
Take seven more Huggies diapers and add to the first diaper as shown below. 

Step 3:
The first layer is finished and now for the middle layer, roll 16 Huggies diapers and secure with another rubber band as shown below. 

Step 4:
With a larger rubber band, it's time to make the bottom or base of the Huggies Diaper Cake.  Take 45~ Huggies Diapers and roll up as you did in the other steps.  Secure with the large rubber band and your base is finished.  

Step 5:
You can either make your own base to sit the entire cake on from sturdy cardboard or purchase a cake base from a party or craft store.  This will provide stability to the weight of the cake pending how much extra you add.

Step 6:
In each layer, you can add Huggies coupons as an extra surprise or leave as is.  Use dowel rods or other like material to secure all three layers together. This is a step that professional cake makers use to secure their layered cakes.

Step 7:
Once your layers are secure, you can take out some of the Huggies Diapers from the top and replace with toys, other Huggies products or whatever you want.

Step 8:  
Add ribbon or whatever you want to make it more special.  You can take long swaddle blankets, fold in lengths and use it to wrap around the layers to hide the rubber bands.  I used Glue Dots Adhesives to secure my ribbons in place, the pinwheel and the extras items that I added.  They worked amazingly well. I'm sold on both Huggies and Glue Dots!

Step 9:
Purchase cellophane wrap from a craft or party store to secure it together and you can wrap a rattle or other toys to the top.

Glue Dots Adhesive Products

Here are some of my other projects I created with Glue Dots in preparation for my daughters' birthday parties in July.

I used Glue Dots to hold the ribbon on the vases, the feather boa on the front, the Minnie ears on the lolliop along with her bow.  I also used Glue Dots when adding the bow to the ball on the second picture and to keep the boa fastened.  I used flamingo picks to attach the circles using Glue Dots.

Want to learn more about Glue Dots?  Check out the Facebook page here or to be a part of this DIY project with TwitterMoms and Glue Dots, click here.

I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and Glue Dots blogging contest to be eligible to receive a $30 gift card. For more information on how you can participate, click here

The Beauty of Canned Foods

Using canned foods is an often overlooked luxery of cooking.  I think many might wonder about the cleansiness and toxic level of foods that are canned.  When TwitterMoms offered a chance to learn more and blog in conjunction with The Canned Food Alliance, I learned a lot. 

For example:
  • Dry edible beans are dried in their pods naturally.
  • Beans go through a seven step cleansing process and are sorted before going to the canning facility.
  • Beans are high in fiber, fat free and can be used straight from the can. 
  • The darker the bean, the more oxidants. 
  • Tomatoes are picked at their prime to not lose nutrients and are cleaned prior to the canning process.
  • Cans are reusable for life

What I love the most about canned foods are the convenience and variety.  One of my favorite uses of canned foods is chili because it's so easy to make and convenient.

Turkey Chili
  • Chili seasoning mix (any brand)
  • 1 can of tomatoes
  • 2 cans of Bush's hot beans (love hot food)
  • 1 can of tomato paste
  • 1 med onion diced
  • 1/2 t garlic
  • 1 T olive oil
  • 1 pound of ground turkey
In a large skillet, saute onions and garlic in olive oil over medium heat until onions are translucent. Add ground turkey and cook until browned.

Add remaining ingredients and stir well to combine. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 1 hour, stirring occasionally.

It can't be much easier than that!  Serve it up with sour cream or cheese for some variety.

Watch the Field to Table Video

Canned Food Alliance

About Canned Food Alliance:

The Canned Food Alliance is a partnership of the American Iron and Steel Institute’s Steel Packaging Council, the Can Manufacturers Institute, select food processors and affiliate members. The CFA serves as a resource for information on the nutrition, convenience, contemporary appeal and versatility of canned food. The CFA is a proud supporter of the Produce for Better Health Foundation and the Fruits and Veggies More Matters program. For hundreds of mealtime solutions, visit www.mealtime.org.

Youthful Tips

2009 Year in Review

I'm sitting here watching "1984" and have noticed that it's been playing a lot lately on cable which is ironic as at one time, it was nearly impossible to ever see this movie.  Granted, I've never watched it but heard about it from my father and since 2009 carried forward, more people referenced the movie "1984" and "big brother."  There are many fears we are turning into a country that looks a lot like this movie.  So for my year in review, the change in atmosphere is one of the biggies of the past year.  Time will only tell how it ends up in history but in my little world of history, my year was a good year and deserves a toast:

  • My middle daughter's epilepsy finally was controlled and her medication is just right.  She is doing great in school now and is happy and full of life.
  • My youngest stayed out of the hospital for a change!  2008 was a bad year that included a near death experience of being on a vent and intubated for two weeks.  Her asthma and allergies are now under control and she's a very active, lively, funny two year old.
  • My baby turned 21 over the summer and it's so hard to believe!  She has grown up to be a very warm, caring, loving, responsible adult.  I'm very proud of her.
  • My father remained cancer free which was a huge relief to all of us.  He will see his 74th birthday in April while my mom remains healthy at the great age of 69.
  • My husband adopted my middle child back in October and words cannot describe the meaning behind this! 
  • The Indianapolis Colts almost remained undefeated this season until they threw the game away ... boo!
  • I entered the world of blogging and "met" some really nice people such as Cynthia, Colleen and MaryAnn along with many others from great sites such as TwitterMoms, SheBlogs, Mamabuzz, MyBlogSpark, Global Influence, MUIB, Product Review Place, MomBloggerClub, MomSelect, One2One and so many more!
Although I'm missing many other blessings, here's to 2010!

Youthful Tips

New Year, New You: Getting in Shape for 2010 With Free Tools

I have a goal and although it might seem a little backwards but I want to get in shape before my husband's deployment to Kuwait in May.  I figured better late than never and I want to ensure that my health is top notch for the sake of my children.  I started a fitness challenge this past November with two other fabulous mommy bloggers, Colleen and MaryAnn, who have turned into my inspiration as they have lost combined over 14 pounds!  We decided to carry it over to the new year to keep on going which I can't be more excited as both of these women have children and busy lives but both are in the same boat as me so they do in fact, challenge and motivate me.

If you are ready to jump on board the get-in-shape band wagon, it's easy to do once you commit yourself but only you can decide if you are ready.   One area I always fail at is I want it gone yesterday so I always set up unrealistic goals but this time with the help of a calculator (see below), I will lose the weight sensibly to ensure added success.  One thing I read from Jillian Michaels' today is it's a new year which means a new you.  Don't bring the negativity and disappointment of your weight into this year as that's the old year.  She, of course, is right.  You have to remove the negative thoughts and self-images you have to be successful and I truly believe that when you picture yourself at the weight you want to be, it is a motivator.  I've tried diet after diet and spent tons of money on each one with the same outcome of being overweight as I'm a stress eater.  I'm learning to get that in order but it's not an overnight task to beat.

If you are ready, check out these great tools:

Free online journal and calorie counter:  http://www.my-calorie-counter.com/calorie_counter.asp.  This site has the following free (and paid if you want) tools:
  • Food and Fitness Journal
  • Weight Tracker Dashboard
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Exercise and Activity
  • Forums
  • Personal Coaching
  • Food and Fitness Tips
  • Meal Planner Setup Tool
Another great benefit of Everyday Health's weight management tool is the ability to set up a network of friends and family.  I'm listed as "youthfultips" if anyone wants to join up!

This weight loss calculator from FitWatch provides you the number of calories you need a day to reach your goal by entering your current information and desired goal weight.  It's a very realistic way to plan to lose the weight you want and stay in shape.

I'm also listening and reading a few books to better understand nutrition which I will review and provide any tips at a later date.  Those books include:
  • Prime Time Health by William Sears, M.D.
  • Eat for Your Health by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
  • The Seven Pillars of Health by Don Colbort, M.D.

I'm also waiting on my EA Sports Active to arrive.  Thanks to Mommy blogger Colleen and TwitterMoms, I was turned on to EA Sports Active as a great tool to also provide the activity I need to get in shape.  More information will follow on that once I receive it but you can see my post that I previously wrote here.

Youthful Tips

My Top 10 Ways to Get Fit After the Holidays

My huge aspirations to lose weight BEFORE the new year tanked as quickly as I can down a piece of hot yeast bread or chocolate.  I'm a carb craver so it's hard to turn down carbs especially when I have to cook meals for picky eaters.  Even though I failed my own challenge to lose before Christmas, I can reflect back on the year and pat myself on the back for losing 26 pounds this year.  I'm gearing up for next year and it was perfect timing that EA and TwitterMoms teamed up for this perfect challenge to share our top ten ways to get fit after the holidays.  The best part, five random bloggers will receive the EA SPORTS Active™ Personal Trainer – the highest rated Wii™ fitness product to date for use on the Nintendo Wii system!
I already have a Wii system but this is one of the fitness games I do not have which is why I jumped at the chance to win one.  I've seen many reviews on it and Twitter contests for it with proven results and it's on my Chrismtas list.  If I don't get one, here is my list of how I plan to get in shape after the holidays:
  1. In the mornings, with my oldest daughter, we will start up our Wii and workout fort 30 minutes four to five times a day.  The Wii is a great way to play and get in shape with just about any aged person as you choose the game and intensity.  I can challenge my six year old to boxing on Sports or cardio on my Cardio game.  I telecommute so I can allocate a certain time period every day for us to workout.  This way, my calendar will alert me it's time which holds me to be more accountable.
  2. Practice calorie counting and watching my carb intake.  Carbs and I don't get along and I'm a stress eater so I find myself grabbing up the breads, pasta, chocolate and so forth.  My strict journal recording will ensure I stick to the plan and control the intake.  There are also great resources online to enter your intake as well as automatic calculators to determine your fat, calories and more. 
  3. I bought a wagon last summer to encourage walking while exposing my children to sunlight (doctor's orders).  It started out good but then I found every excuse possible to not go on a walk.  When the weather turns nice, which in Georgia, we do have quite a few nice days, we'll take advantage of it.  I know I will find another excuse to get out of it but I decided I'll get a picture of a wagon and put it on the interior of the door.  Once I explain to my six year old what it means, she'll ensure I take her for a walk daily.
  4. Eat healthier is tip number 4.  Counting calories is only part of it.  Eating better foods is necessary to get in shape.  Vegetables and fruit are much better but protein is still needed.  Fresh is best but frozen is good too!  Watch out as certain fruits are not equal and can still give you a lot of sugar.
  5. Eliminate those harmful sodas and drink more water.  This sounds easier said then done but the amount of calories in one can is amazing.  Drinking other products like shakes, fruit smoothies and other vices such as that can pack on the pounds.
  6. PhotobucketProper sleep is essential to not only losing weight but maintaining a healthy life.  There have been numerous studies done on the impact of sleep and I'm a true testiment to it.  Right after my middle child was born, she had terrible colic and acid reflux so I didn't get much sleep and thus I packed on the pounds.  I will make sure I'm in bed by 10:00 pm every night or at least try.
  7. Create a grocery list is an amazingly easy way to avoid buying bad food.  If you are hungry, forget it!  Make sure you plan your meals and create a shopping list to only buy those foods you want. Impulse buying will kill you everytime.  I've resorted to sending my oldest grocery shopping to avoid buying all the junk I used to buy.
  8. Premake mini snacks for when you are hungry.  There is no need to go out and buy the expensive 100 calorie snack packs if you read the labels and store them in baggies.  If you have them packed and labeled for each day, it's much easier to follow and harder to cheat.  This is also cheaper than buying the convenience packs and less garbage. 
  9. Practice snacking slower and smaller.  If you have to have a snack, try to not eat it all at once.  If you can spread the snack out over the course of a couple of hours, it will go longer, you feed your munchies and your stomach will slowly shrink.
  10. Solicit help from others!  The buddy system is so critical to successful weight loss. When you have help from someone in the same position as you, you are more likely to succeed.  If you are highly competitive, check out the EA Sport challenges!  My oldest is ready to go so that helps!
If you want to take the EA challenge or stay up to date, become a fan on Facebook of EAs.  Join the fun and enter the EA and TwitterMoms Get Fit sweepstakes HERE.   I can't wait to post an update on my success! 

EA Sport Active

Youthful Tips

What are Your 5 Favorite Holiday Activities to do with Your Kids?

I'm sure you have a favorite activity you like to do with your kids or perhaps you have many.  When TwitterMoms and Nickelodeon introduced this new blogging question as part of the Dora Christmas Carol Contest, I had to stop and think of all the activities we do each year.  There are some that are major and some not, but all are memorable.

I love the holidays and am trying to instill this great love with my girls as I hope some of the traditions will be passed on to their own families.

My top five favorites are as follows:

  1. We go on our annual Christmas picture taking trip to the local mall.  This has turned into not so much of a fun event for my 21 year old as I still make her partake in it.  In fact, today, we went and completed the holiday deed!
  2. Another holiday activity are the pictures with Santa.  Chalk one more year with no picture of Danielle.  She was afraid of Santa for her second year in a row and she's only two!  I couldn't force the 21 year old for this although I wanted to!
  3. A great activity that I thoroughly enjoy is decorating the house!  I already started rolling out the Santas and was busted by my husband. I can't help it as it really is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!
  4. We watch the Christmas classics such as Rudolph.  It's a painful experience for my oldest once again but it's nostalgic for my husband and I and the two smaller ones really love it.  This contest is wonderful as Danielle loves Dora.
  5. We can't have a holiday without baking cookies, brownies, fudge and all the other great tasting, addicting and sinful treats!  Besides, Santa gets his share so it's all fair in love and Christmas.  I think this year, I'm going to try these great looking Chocolate-Caramel Cookie Bars that I found by Martha Stewart (see recipe below if interested).
I have many more but those are my favorites.  What are yours?  Join in the fun and enter HERE at TwitterMoms.

Thanks to Nickelodeon, we have been able to watch Dora's Christmas Carol Adventures many times!  My youngest especially loves Dora and it's fun hearing a two year old blurt out Spanish words.  We had fun going to NickJr.com to make some of the great holiday cookies not to mention making Swiper cards!  I think we might have some new holiday traditions.

Watch Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure Dec. 6 on Nickelodeon

Favorite Holiday Activities with Kids


Dora's Caramel Holiday Cookies


2/3 cup all purpose flour
1 roll sugar cooking dough
20 caramel candies
1 tablespoon water

Non-stick cookie tray

Your child will enjoy counting out the caramels and dropping them into the bowl. Be careful when removing the bowl from the microwave--it might be very hot!

Step 1

Preheat oven to 375 F. Knead the flour into the cookie dough until it's smooth.

Step 2

Pinch off pieces of cookie dough and roll it into small (half-inch) balls. Place them on a non-stick cookie sheet. Press down on the dough balls to flatten them slightly and bake for about 10-12 minutes. Remove from the oven and let them cool on the trays for a few minutes. When they're cool, move them to a cooling rack or a large plate.

Step 3

Unwrap the candies and place in a microwave-safe bowl with the water. Heat for 30 seconds, stir, and heat again just until smooth. Be careful when removing the bowl from the microwave--it may be hot!

Step 4

With a small spoon, add a drop of the caramel mixture to the back of each cookie and place another cookie on top. Makes 25 sandwich cookies.

These cookies can be made in two steps. Make the cookie portion the night before. Make and spread the caramel filling--or have the kids do so--the next day.

Youthful Tips

What three favorite family Thanksgiving traditions have you passed or will pass on to your children?

Growing up in a limited extended family, holiday traditions weren't overly memorable.  We did have the tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving with an overindulgent feast but that is all I can recall.  The holidays are very special to me and I hope that with my actions, my girls will grow up to continue, extend or find their own tradition. 

TwitterMoms (click for how to enter your traditions) has teamed up with Target for another thoughtful blogger challenge on "What three favorite Thanksgiving traditions have you plassed or will pass on to your children?"
  • Tradition 1:  Watching football!  We are huge fans of football and all five of us have special teams.  We have own own team supportive jerseys with our names on the back.  The two younger girls get to wear the team's jersey of who they favor or want something from at the moment. 
  • Tradition 2:  Creating all the delicious foods my mom made growing up each Thanksgiving.  This includes candied yams which are my favorite!  My mom makes the BEST candied yams. 
  • Tradition 3: This is a new tradition as now that we are together as a larger family (remarried three year's ago to my Army husband), I plan on creating a photo book through Target's partner Kodak of the day's pictures and during dinner, each person will need to say what they are thankful for.  The beginning of the book will be broken down by a picture of each person in attendance with their quote added.  The books will be done every year as a momento to the girls as they grow to reflect back at their changing lives.  I'm sure the two year old will just be happy to watch Yo Gabba Gabba but I'll fill in for her.
I hope they will take the memories and grow with them!

Youthful Tips

To Describe Myself with a Scent ...Twittermoms & Downy

I've never really thought about it nor wondered what I would I would choose if I had to define myself with a scent.  TwitterMoms, click HERE for more information, and Downy has challenged bloggers to ask "if you could define yourself with a scent, what scent would represent you and why?"

There are many scents I love and many that combined would describe my multifaceted personality.  To choose one, I would pick Jasmine as it's distinct and sweet.  It's opulent and rich and elegant. In India, it's referred to the "Queen of the Night" so it's only fitting since I'm the "Queen of the House."  Some feel the scent is comforting and calming as does my children find in me.  We won't ask my husband!

Making your own Jasmine perfume is easy: Just add a few drops of pure Jasmine oil to one teaspoon of oil such as avocado or sweet almond oil.

Youthful Tips

Horizon Little Blends How to Make Sneaky Fruits and Vegetables Thermos & 4 Pack Giveaway 11/25/09 UPDATED 2 Thermos: Winner!

Delayed Winner Announcement Due to the Holiday!

Winner is:

An e-mail will be sent!

Congratulations and thanks to all who entered!

Getting my children to eat good foods has always been difficult.  I think my now 21 year old's body would shut down if she had to eat fruit and vegetables every day.  My now six year old wasn't much better although she's a little easier to persuade into trying something here and there.  The two year old LOVES food!  I hit the jackpot with her compared to the other two but she still has aversions to certain appearance, texture an color as all three do.

In a challenge from TwitterMoms, here are some of my favorite ways to get them to eat include:

    *courtesy of i.ehow.com
Fruit on pancakes:  They love pancakes and it makes it more appealing when I let the six year old put on her chef's apron and help to whip up the gourmet food. 

Sundaes:  Can't go wrong with multiple varities of toppings for ice cream.  Pineapple, bananas and whatever else they might remotely like is always appealing to pile on top.

Fruit and cheese plates:  This is a classic in our home as they really enjoy making little customized plates of fruit and cheese cubes arranged with toothpicks.  If you want to jazz it up, pay a little extra for the fancier toothpicks as there are so many now to choose from.

Chocolate covered fruit:  They can't pass on the chance to dip their favorite fruits into melted chocolate.  The whole process of melting the chocolate is fun in itself and imagine putting them on swords of little wood and letting them have fun?

*courtesy of smoothiefresh.com

Fruit smoothies:  This is a great example on how to best sneak fruit into something that is fun. 

The thing I found most appealing if the kids are at the right age is to have them help make everything.  They tend to eat what they make and if they are having fun creating it, what more can you ask for?

As for other vegetables, you can puree them or smash them up into foods such as spaghetti sauce and anything else that can hide the color and appearance of healthy.

Horizons has this treat line of products called Little Blends and if you click on the link, there is a coupon!  This new brand of yogurt blends fruits and vegetables in a great tasting healthy food for unsuspecting little ones.  There are so many benefits to this yogurt which includes all pure and hidden goodness.  Take a look:

"Little Blends™ does that by bringing together veggie and fruit purees in a delicious yogurt with a creamy texture that kids love. So your kids get the benefits of whole milk yogurt and an extra helping of vegetable goodness.

Plus, produced without the use of artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, and sweeteners, Little Blends is natural. And that means no high fructose corn syrup and only milk from cows free of growth hormones (rbST). In fact, every container supplies 25% of the recommended daily value (DV) of protein Natural goodness means no added hormones, no artifical flavors or ingredients, and no high-fructose corn syrup.(great for growing bodies), 20% DV of calcium (crucial to developing strong bones and teeth), 20% DV of Vitamin A, plus Vitamin D, Iron, and probiotics.

Little Blends is also a source of DHA Omega-3, a nutrient that doctors agree children don’t get enough of. Shown to help support eye, brain and heart health for growing kids, DHA Omega-3 is a fatty acid that has been recognized as playing an important role in children’s development.

DHA Omega-3 For the Brain
Highly concentrated in the brain, it accounts for up to 20% of total brain mass. Scientists are currently researching the possibility that a lack of DHA may contribute to certain behavioral and mood disorders.

DHA Omega-3 for Eye Health
DHA is a major structural fat in the retina of the eye, accounting for up to 50% of the total fatty acid in the retina. Because of this prevalence, researchers suspect it plays a critical part in visual development for infants and children.

It’s all part of our commitment to ensuring kids get the best start with the best foods. And why Little Blends isn’t just good, it’s naturally good."

The Giveaway:

TWO cool thermos with matching Horizon Little Blends Spoon and a coupon for  one FREE four pack of Little Blends Yogurt. 

To Enter:
  • Leave a comment that you follow my blog ... easy!  You can even be creative and list any tips on how you get your kids to eat veggies!
Extra Entries:
  • Subscribe to my blog - leave a comment - worth five entries
  • Follow me on Twitter
  • Follow Horizon on Twitter
  • Vote for me on Divine Caroline (see widget on left side of home page), return here and tell me what number you are) - worth five entries
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Giveaway ends November 25, 2009 at midnight (EST).

Winner will be chosen by random.org

Thanks for entering!
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