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Ficklets and Adorable Baby Clothing for Easter & Every Day

As Easter approaches, I can't help but think what a wonderful day to dress up and embrace all that Easter stands for.  Whether you are going on an Easter egg hunt, a family function or church, getting dressed up is fun.  This post is focusing on two of my favorite mompreneurs:  Ficklets and Adorable Baby Clothing.


If you are looking for cute Easter bag stuffers, check out the great selection from FickletsThey are perfect for your little one's glasses and come in over 100 varieties.  If your children don't like wearing glasses, they might have a new way of thinking about them after they get to put these little adorable charm huggers on them.

Ficklets are becoming the greatest invention for kid's eyeglasses since they give them the ability to personalize without breaking the bank.  They are interchangeable and easy to wear, inexpensive to buy and will make your little one happy.  My niece loves her Ficklets.

Ficklet's inventor, Ros Guerrero, came up with this great idea as she tried to meet the needs of her beautiful daughter, Gem.  The word "ficklet" means to change a lot hence the wonderful creation of Ficklets was born.  You can read more here.  Ficklets is not only innovative in the idea and creation of Ficklets but Ros is the most compassionate, caring person I've met.  She provides wonderful customer service and is hands on.

Ficklets is becoming international hit too:

“I’ve quickly learned that eyeglass charms transcend style and cultural differences because I’m seeing orders pour in from customers around the world, including the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Venezuela, Dubai, Ireland and Russia,” says Guerrero. “This means children of any nationality are able to feel more confident when wearing their eyeglasses. The future is wide open for Ficklets.”

Whether you want something different for Easter or have a little one that wears glasses, you should check out http://www.ficklets.com/ as there is something for both boys and girls.

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