Embracing a Healthy Family: Resvida (Resveratrol) Caloric Restrictive Clinical Trial

Resvida (Resveratrol) Caloric Restrictive Clinical Trial

The Washington University School of Medicine is recruiting for a clinical trial studying the effect of Resvida (a natural supplement containing resveratrol) to a calorie restrictive diet. A calorie restrictive diet constitutes about 30% less of the normal dietary guideline per day. The goal is to determine how the antioxidant resveratrol compares to the effects of a restrictive diet on the gene expression profile, lipids, how well insulin is working to control blood sugar and other blood and tissue markers of metabolic and cardiovascular health.

DSM Nutritional Products, LTD markets Resvida. Even though it's marketed as a dietary supplement, it's a natural product and does not get FDA approval.

Resvida has been in development for over ten years and is of synthetic form but claims to be 'nature identical.'

This is a double blind study meaning no one knows if the subject is getting drug or placebo (other than the researchers).

Ages 35 to 70
Females only

Read here for more information on qualifying for this study.

Surprisingly, most of the other recruiting trials are for cancer indications. I am impressed that they are conducting a clinical trial to determine safety and efficacy in order to make a better claim.

This brand contains Resvida:

Anyone try it and can provide any information on the effects or adverse events?

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