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Pumpkin Patch & Halloween Party Recipes With Ideas

I LOVE Halloween for the great pictures I get to take of the girls.  I decided to spare the oldest in this round of pictures and kept it to the youngest one's.

Even though we aren't having a formal Halloween party, I think I'll go ahead and plan a little feast for the kids post trick-or-treating unless the rain cancels it out.

Here is the menu to date
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(Martha Stewart)

Anyone have any good ideas to share?

Clever Pumpkin Carving Ideas

These are so neat looking!  I had to share and will try out one or two and post pictures.  If you have any cool ideas or pictures you have taken, please share!

  1. Use a grey pumpkin for the rat. Cut a circle from the bottom of the pumpkin.
  2. Transfer two ear patterns to the circle.
  3. Transfer the eyes and mouth patterns onto the pumpkin.
  4. Using a knife or carving tools, cut out the openings.
  5. Use a gouge to carve a thin mouth, carving just deep enough to reveal the inner rind.
  6. Use half a gourd for the nose and attach it using wood skewers.
  7. Push pieces of floral cloth wire into the nose for whiskers.
  8. Add a chef's hat, a wire whisk, and checkered dish towel to complete the design.

  1. Transfer the patterns onto pumpkins. Editor's Tip: Use a gray pumpkin to make an alien.
  2. Using a knife or carving tools, cut out the openings.
  3. Use a gouge to cut into the teeth, cutting just deep enough to make them "pearly-whites."
  4. Drill large holes into the pumpkins to receive the gourd antennae (for the left and center pumpkins) and the gourd nose (for the far-right pumpkin).
  5. Paint the outside of clear plastic ornaments in bright colors for eyeballs.
  6. Cut large white circles and smaller black circles from crafts foam for eyes.
  7. Glue the circles together and add red veins using a felt-tip marking pen.
  8. Hot-glue the eyes onto the painted eyeballs. Except for the one-eyed alien, hot-glue the assembled eyes in place.
  9. For the one-eyed alien, cut a circle in the front of the pumpkin and slip an eyeball in place.
  10. If desired, cut a tongue from pink crafts foam and slip it into a mouth.
I found these and many more at Better Homes and Garden 100 Days  of Holidays.

Youthful Tips

Picnik Online Photo Creation & Wilton Haunted House Kit Review

After spending the day watching my girls create a Wilton Haunted House, I had the fun task of putting them together in a nice photo collage.

I figured I might as well write a review on the Wilton Halloween Pre-Baked Cookie House Kit while I'm at it.


I just checked the reviews at Amazon and the three were in alignment with mine.
  • Pieces didn't line up.
  • It was hard to hold up the icing bag and the pieces as the tip kept wanting to come off.
  • The candy pieces provided were a little on the stingy side.
However, the six year old had a great time helping and I did get some good pictures so it was worth the $12.00.


I LOVE picnik.com for having fun with my photos and they have so many features for both free and premium customers. 

Whereas my daughter won't appreciate me sharing this photo, I can't help but to do it!

I can auto fix or manually correct the photos, crop, change sizes and remove red eye.

Once I'm ready to create, I can add many features such as:
  • Effects - this provides framing it pink in support of breast cancer awareness month, focal B&W, Orton-ish, Sepia, CinemaScope and so many more.  It allows you to preview before you select and there is an undo option.
  • You can add text and rotate to place the text wherever you want as well as change the slant.  Pending on your membership, the choices of fonts increase.  They have a great line for Halloween.
  • Stickers is where I have the fun!  They break it into themes such as baby, fall, Christmas, Halloween and more.
  • Touch Up allows you to remove blemishes, shine, age, weight and more.
  • For a final touch, you can add frames which is another great feature.
  • You can purchase gifts, send to Twitter, Facebook and more!
There are so many great features to picnik.com that you have to check it out for yourself to appreciate it!

Sunday Cupcake Decorating

Yesterday, we made cupcakes in preparation for trying to master our decorating before Halloween for our big party!  This time, I baked the cupcakes and let her have free reign in icing and decorating.

She really loved having this opportunity to use all the sprinkles and other candy to make her own creations.  I like using picnik.com to add adornments and special frames to each picture.  picnik.com is free for basic features and is low cost if you want some of the premium features. 

One word of caution if you try to create a collage and use it via another website to order prints, be careful as the quality can come back poor if you started with not so great quality pictures.  I've used Zazzle to order prints which have always been top of the line.
Last year, we ordered the invitations from a seller on Ebay but for circumstances beyond our control, we had to cancel the party but I ordered them to occur either on a Saturday for 2008 or Sunday for 2009 just in case.  I'll scan and include an image as they are great!

Above is a sample of her creations!  She made many more and everyone, except me, is enjoying them!  I'm still on the Quick Weight Loss Center diet (for my review progress, look to the sidebar widget).

Special hello to her Granny in Australia!

Youthful Tips

Cute & Easy Halloween Decorations to Make Yourself

All You has this great instructional on making many Halloween decorations without having to spend big bucks.  Take a look:

Ginormous Spiders look really easy YET very spooky!

You’ll need:

  • Krylon H2O spray paint in black (go to krylon.com for retailers)
  • Styrofoam ball, 8" or 10" diameter
  • Scissors
  • 3 6' lengths of foam pipe insulation
  • Black telephone or stereo wires, or black twine
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
1. Spray paint Styrofoam ball black. (Tip: Poke a stick into the ground and push the Styrofoam sphere onto it so you can paint entire ball. When you’re assembling spider, cover hole with an eye or leg.) Let dry.

2. Cut two 6' pieces of pipe insulation into 2' lengths for a total of six 2’ pieces.

Now take a 2' piece of pipe insulation and bend it about 10" from one end. Tie folded pieces together with wire to make a knee. Measure another 10” down from knee, fold insulation and tie folded pieces together with black wire to make ankle. Trim excess wire. Repeat on five remaining 2' lengths of pipe insulation.

3. Cut two 10" lengths from remaining 6' length of pipe insulation. To make front legs, bend each piece in half and tie folded pieces together with black wire. Trim excess wire.

4. Working on “thigh” (long part) of each leg, snip end on diagonal so it fits snugly into a ball. Starting with front legs, glue each leg to ball. (Refer to photo for positioning.) Tip: Hold each leg in place longer than you typically would―you're melting foam, so allow it to cool before letting go. Attach remaining six legs, three on each side.

5. Cut two half-circles, about 3" long, out of white paper, cardboard or craft foam. Cut a thin “slice” of leftover pipe insulation. Cut that piece in half to make two “C”-shaped pieces. Glue a “C” onto each half-circle. Position each eye on ball, and glue.

To display: Tie filament around legs, and hang from porch or tie to spider web.

You can't have the spiders without the web:

You’ll Need:

  • Tape measure
  • 6 dowels, about 18" long
  • Flexible, plastic-coated coated wire (12 to 14 gauge; 150’ long)
  • Wire cutters
  • Tape (electrical, duct or masking will work)
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Nails (optional)
Click here for our spider web diagram.

Each web consists of three parts: A) the hub, B) the frame wires that extend out from the center and C) the weft wires that weave frame wires together.

1. Choose location for web where it can be attached at top and one side; measure height and width.

2. Using these measurements, insert dowels into lawn to make a frame for weaving web (fig.1). Insert another dowel halfway between upper and lower corner nails on right side; repeat on left (fig. 2).

3. Twist wire around hub dowel; extend it to upper right nail to create frame wire (fig. 3). Twist to secure. Cut, leaving several inches excess. Wrap tape around wire end. Repeat, connecting each remaining dowel to hub with wire (fig. 4).

4. Cut a 3' to 5' length of wire (anything longer is unwieldy ―if at any time you come to the end of a wire, twist it to a frame wire, tape it, and start a new piece). Twist one end around left frame wire, about 6" from hub. Bend wire in a curved shape, and loop it around next frame wire to right. Crimp it around the frame wire with needle nose pliers. Repeat for the remaining 3 frame wires. At final frame wire, wrap to secure, then trim weft wire.

5. Repeat, spacing weft wires about 6" apart. Keep adding wires until you reach end of frame wires. Cover exposed wire ends with tape.

6. Slip web off of dowels. Hang web using nails or duct tape.

PumpkinHead Monster:
You’ll need:

  • 10-12 magazines
  • Newspaper
  • Masking or duct tape
  • Clothing: long-sleeve shirt, overalls or jeans, boots or high-top sneakers, hat
  • Chair
  • Monster gloves (available at costume stores)
  • Carved pumpkin
  • Mophead

1. To create monster’s skeleton, open a magazine to the middle and wrap it around rolled up newspaper so it’s the diameter of an arm. Wrap in tape to secure. Make four arm-size pieces, and four leg-size pieces.

2. For torso, open a magazine to middle and lay flat. Place wadded newspaper on top. Place a second open magazine on top of newspaper and tape together.

3. Wad newspaper into four balls, to make "knees" and "elbows." These joints make it easy to pose monster.

4. Layer clothes as desired. For instance, pull overalls over shirt(s). Insert body parts into clothes. Arrange body in chair, and fill in with wadded newspaper as desired.

5. Tuck “monster hands” into shirtsleeves. Tuck pant legs into boots.

6. Place carved pumpkin on monster’s torso. If it feels unstable, insert a dowel through bottom of the pumpkin and down through torso. Add mophead for hair and top with a hat.

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