Embracing a Healthy Family: My Top 10 Ways to Get Fit After the Holidays

My Top 10 Ways to Get Fit After the Holidays

My huge aspirations to lose weight BEFORE the new year tanked as quickly as I can down a piece of hot yeast bread or chocolate.  I'm a carb craver so it's hard to turn down carbs especially when I have to cook meals for picky eaters.  Even though I failed my own challenge to lose before Christmas, I can reflect back on the year and pat myself on the back for losing 26 pounds this year.  I'm gearing up for next year and it was perfect timing that EA and TwitterMoms teamed up for this perfect challenge to share our top ten ways to get fit after the holidays.  The best part, five random bloggers will receive the EA SPORTS Active™ Personal Trainer – the highest rated Wii™ fitness product to date for use on the Nintendo Wii system!
I already have a Wii system but this is one of the fitness games I do not have which is why I jumped at the chance to win one.  I've seen many reviews on it and Twitter contests for it with proven results and it's on my Chrismtas list.  If I don't get one, here is my list of how I plan to get in shape after the holidays:
  1. In the mornings, with my oldest daughter, we will start up our Wii and workout fort 30 minutes four to five times a day.  The Wii is a great way to play and get in shape with just about any aged person as you choose the game and intensity.  I can challenge my six year old to boxing on Sports or cardio on my Cardio game.  I telecommute so I can allocate a certain time period every day for us to workout.  This way, my calendar will alert me it's time which holds me to be more accountable.
  2. Practice calorie counting and watching my carb intake.  Carbs and I don't get along and I'm a stress eater so I find myself grabbing up the breads, pasta, chocolate and so forth.  My strict journal recording will ensure I stick to the plan and control the intake.  There are also great resources online to enter your intake as well as automatic calculators to determine your fat, calories and more. 
  3. I bought a wagon last summer to encourage walking while exposing my children to sunlight (doctor's orders).  It started out good but then I found every excuse possible to not go on a walk.  When the weather turns nice, which in Georgia, we do have quite a few nice days, we'll take advantage of it.  I know I will find another excuse to get out of it but I decided I'll get a picture of a wagon and put it on the interior of the door.  Once I explain to my six year old what it means, she'll ensure I take her for a walk daily.
  4. Eat healthier is tip number 4.  Counting calories is only part of it.  Eating better foods is necessary to get in shape.  Vegetables and fruit are much better but protein is still needed.  Fresh is best but frozen is good too!  Watch out as certain fruits are not equal and can still give you a lot of sugar.
  5. Eliminate those harmful sodas and drink more water.  This sounds easier said then done but the amount of calories in one can is amazing.  Drinking other products like shakes, fruit smoothies and other vices such as that can pack on the pounds.
  6. PhotobucketProper sleep is essential to not only losing weight but maintaining a healthy life.  There have been numerous studies done on the impact of sleep and I'm a true testiment to it.  Right after my middle child was born, she had terrible colic and acid reflux so I didn't get much sleep and thus I packed on the pounds.  I will make sure I'm in bed by 10:00 pm every night or at least try.
  7. Create a grocery list is an amazingly easy way to avoid buying bad food.  If you are hungry, forget it!  Make sure you plan your meals and create a shopping list to only buy those foods you want. Impulse buying will kill you everytime.  I've resorted to sending my oldest grocery shopping to avoid buying all the junk I used to buy.
  8. Premake mini snacks for when you are hungry.  There is no need to go out and buy the expensive 100 calorie snack packs if you read the labels and store them in baggies.  If you have them packed and labeled for each day, it's much easier to follow and harder to cheat.  This is also cheaper than buying the convenience packs and less garbage. 
  9. Practice snacking slower and smaller.  If you have to have a snack, try to not eat it all at once.  If you can spread the snack out over the course of a couple of hours, it will go longer, you feed your munchies and your stomach will slowly shrink.
  10. Solicit help from others!  The buddy system is so critical to successful weight loss. When you have help from someone in the same position as you, you are more likely to succeed.  If you are highly competitive, check out the EA Sport challenges!  My oldest is ready to go so that helps!
If you want to take the EA challenge or stay up to date, become a fan on Facebook of EAs.  Join the fun and enter the EA and TwitterMoms Get Fit sweepstakes HERE.   I can't wait to post an update on my success! 

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