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My top 5 New Year's resolutions for getting healthy and fit in 2010

Every year, most of us decide the new year is going to be a better year.  Whether the reasons are for health, wellness or other reasons, it's good to have goals to reach for.  Ubisoft Entertainment and TwitterMoms has teamed up to challenge us to list our five top New Year's resolution for getting healthy and fit in 2010.

My top five resolutions are:
  1. Eat healthier - I want to choose better foods, more organic type products and less processed foods.  Reading books such as Prime Time Health by Dr. Sears has been inspirational in getting healthier and eating right.
  2. Quality time - I want to realize what is important and what isn't.  Not sweating the small stuff is definitely a path I want to focus on.  Spending more time with my kids and my husband is going to be a priority and will compliment a healthy mind. 
  3. Lose weight - yeah, right ... who doesn't, right?  Seriously, I started this endeavor last year but have slowly moved a mind set to realize this want.  I have finally learned that I can't do this cold turkey so I have devised a plan to lose it healthier and slower.  Losing weight is right up there with getting healthier for 2010.
  4. Exercise - you can't be healthy without exercising.  Exercising is instrumental in every facet of our lives and when you don't exercise, you put your body and health in jeopardy.  My goal is to utilize my bike and my Wii system.  I love working out with my Wii and it's a great way to get your kids to get involved as well.  Read more below.
  5. Volunteer - giving back is a key to happiness in my opinion.  Giving a smile, a chance of hope or time to someone in need is priceless.  I want to continue the giving and volunteer time to instill a sense of duty to my children.  Our goal this year is not only to support deployed troops (my husband is deploying for Kuwait in May for a year) but also to give to pediatric patients in our local children's hospital.  Having two children with fairly new chronic medical conditions and being placed in hospitals numerous times, I sympathize with the patient and the family.  My goal is take unused happy meal toys and supplement it with other toys and treats to give to those tiny little brave ones.

Our Wii system was one of the better investments I could have made.  Not only is it allowing myself and my oldest to work out together but it also encourages my little one's to play.

This new game, Your Shape featuring Jenny McCarthy is a must have mostly due to Jenny as she is really a funny person. Your Shape builds in a workout program based on YOUR fitness level, goals and schedule.  You can watch a video HERE with Jenny about the game. 

PhotobucketHere are some of the features:
  • Personalized to You - Your unique plan is based on the results of your fitness test, combined with your personal fitness goals. This plan will mix the right level of intensity with exercises focused on achieving your goal.
  • You’ll Always Do the Exercises Correctly - The camera projects your image onto the TV screen so you can see yourself exercising next to Jenny.
  • Exercise Controller-Free - The camera sees you, so it works without requiring any additional hardware (such as Wiimotes, nunchucks, and balance boards), leaving your hands free to focus on the exercises.
  • Exercise That’s Fun and Motivational - not only is Jenny your in-game workout buddy, but you can choose from 6 background colors, 100 motivating animations, and more than 75 music tracks.
  • More Exercises Than Any Other Game - Your Shape includes close to 500 exercises – which means that your routine is always focused on meeting your goals.

Want to join in?  Click on this link and you can find out how to enter yourself at TwitterMoms.  Thanks Ubisoft and TwitterMoms!


New Year, New You: Getting in Shape for 2010 With Free Tools

I have a goal and although it might seem a little backwards but I want to get in shape before my husband's deployment to Kuwait in May.  I figured better late than never and I want to ensure that my health is top notch for the sake of my children.  I started a fitness challenge this past November with two other fabulous mommy bloggers, Colleen and MaryAnn, who have turned into my inspiration as they have lost combined over 14 pounds!  We decided to carry it over to the new year to keep on going which I can't be more excited as both of these women have children and busy lives but both are in the same boat as me so they do in fact, challenge and motivate me.

If you are ready to jump on board the get-in-shape band wagon, it's easy to do once you commit yourself but only you can decide if you are ready.   One area I always fail at is I want it gone yesterday so I always set up unrealistic goals but this time with the help of a calculator (see below), I will lose the weight sensibly to ensure added success.  One thing I read from Jillian Michaels' today is it's a new year which means a new you.  Don't bring the negativity and disappointment of your weight into this year as that's the old year.  She, of course, is right.  You have to remove the negative thoughts and self-images you have to be successful and I truly believe that when you picture yourself at the weight you want to be, it is a motivator.  I've tried diet after diet and spent tons of money on each one with the same outcome of being overweight as I'm a stress eater.  I'm learning to get that in order but it's not an overnight task to beat.

If you are ready, check out these great tools:

Free online journal and calorie counter:  http://www.my-calorie-counter.com/calorie_counter.asp.  This site has the following free (and paid if you want) tools:
  • Food and Fitness Journal
  • Weight Tracker Dashboard
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Exercise and Activity
  • Forums
  • Personal Coaching
  • Food and Fitness Tips
  • Meal Planner Setup Tool
Another great benefit of Everyday Health's weight management tool is the ability to set up a network of friends and family.  I'm listed as "youthfultips" if anyone wants to join up!

This weight loss calculator from FitWatch provides you the number of calories you need a day to reach your goal by entering your current information and desired goal weight.  It's a very realistic way to plan to lose the weight you want and stay in shape.

I'm also listening and reading a few books to better understand nutrition which I will review and provide any tips at a later date.  Those books include:
  • Prime Time Health by William Sears, M.D.
  • Eat for Your Health by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.
  • The Seven Pillars of Health by Don Colbort, M.D.

I'm also waiting on my EA Sports Active to arrive.  Thanks to Mommy blogger Colleen and TwitterMoms, I was turned on to EA Sports Active as a great tool to also provide the activity I need to get in shape.  More information will follow on that once I receive it but you can see my post that I previously wrote here.

Youthful Tips

My Top 10 Ways to Get Fit After the Holidays

My huge aspirations to lose weight BEFORE the new year tanked as quickly as I can down a piece of hot yeast bread or chocolate.  I'm a carb craver so it's hard to turn down carbs especially when I have to cook meals for picky eaters.  Even though I failed my own challenge to lose before Christmas, I can reflect back on the year and pat myself on the back for losing 26 pounds this year.  I'm gearing up for next year and it was perfect timing that EA and TwitterMoms teamed up for this perfect challenge to share our top ten ways to get fit after the holidays.  The best part, five random bloggers will receive the EA SPORTS Active™ Personal Trainer – the highest rated Wii™ fitness product to date for use on the Nintendo Wii system!
I already have a Wii system but this is one of the fitness games I do not have which is why I jumped at the chance to win one.  I've seen many reviews on it and Twitter contests for it with proven results and it's on my Chrismtas list.  If I don't get one, here is my list of how I plan to get in shape after the holidays:
  1. In the mornings, with my oldest daughter, we will start up our Wii and workout fort 30 minutes four to five times a day.  The Wii is a great way to play and get in shape with just about any aged person as you choose the game and intensity.  I can challenge my six year old to boxing on Sports or cardio on my Cardio game.  I telecommute so I can allocate a certain time period every day for us to workout.  This way, my calendar will alert me it's time which holds me to be more accountable.
  2. Practice calorie counting and watching my carb intake.  Carbs and I don't get along and I'm a stress eater so I find myself grabbing up the breads, pasta, chocolate and so forth.  My strict journal recording will ensure I stick to the plan and control the intake.  There are also great resources online to enter your intake as well as automatic calculators to determine your fat, calories and more. 
  3. I bought a wagon last summer to encourage walking while exposing my children to sunlight (doctor's orders).  It started out good but then I found every excuse possible to not go on a walk.  When the weather turns nice, which in Georgia, we do have quite a few nice days, we'll take advantage of it.  I know I will find another excuse to get out of it but I decided I'll get a picture of a wagon and put it on the interior of the door.  Once I explain to my six year old what it means, she'll ensure I take her for a walk daily.
  4. Eat healthier is tip number 4.  Counting calories is only part of it.  Eating better foods is necessary to get in shape.  Vegetables and fruit are much better but protein is still needed.  Fresh is best but frozen is good too!  Watch out as certain fruits are not equal and can still give you a lot of sugar.
  5. Eliminate those harmful sodas and drink more water.  This sounds easier said then done but the amount of calories in one can is amazing.  Drinking other products like shakes, fruit smoothies and other vices such as that can pack on the pounds.
  6. PhotobucketProper sleep is essential to not only losing weight but maintaining a healthy life.  There have been numerous studies done on the impact of sleep and I'm a true testiment to it.  Right after my middle child was born, she had terrible colic and acid reflux so I didn't get much sleep and thus I packed on the pounds.  I will make sure I'm in bed by 10:00 pm every night or at least try.
  7. Create a grocery list is an amazingly easy way to avoid buying bad food.  If you are hungry, forget it!  Make sure you plan your meals and create a shopping list to only buy those foods you want. Impulse buying will kill you everytime.  I've resorted to sending my oldest grocery shopping to avoid buying all the junk I used to buy.
  8. Premake mini snacks for when you are hungry.  There is no need to go out and buy the expensive 100 calorie snack packs if you read the labels and store them in baggies.  If you have them packed and labeled for each day, it's much easier to follow and harder to cheat.  This is also cheaper than buying the convenience packs and less garbage. 
  9. Practice snacking slower and smaller.  If you have to have a snack, try to not eat it all at once.  If you can spread the snack out over the course of a couple of hours, it will go longer, you feed your munchies and your stomach will slowly shrink.
  10. Solicit help from others!  The buddy system is so critical to successful weight loss. When you have help from someone in the same position as you, you are more likely to succeed.  If you are highly competitive, check out the EA Sport challenges!  My oldest is ready to go so that helps!
If you want to take the EA challenge or stay up to date, become a fan on Facebook of EAs.  Join the fun and enter the EA and TwitterMoms Get Fit sweepstakes HERE.   I can't wait to post an update on my success! 

EA Sport Active

Youthful Tips

YouthfulTips Step Up to Slim Down Virtual Challenge It's On

Latest Update:

If you plan to participate in the New Year's Challenge, please send me an e-mail or comment below that you are ready to begin November 1st.

There is still time if you want to join as long as you realize you will have less time to lose but join if nothing else for the motivation!

Need help and encouragement to finally get into shape?

Tired of being tired and not feeling great?

Are you ready for a new you?

Why wait until January 1st for yet another failed New Year's resolution?

How about breaking tradition and why not GET IN SHAPE BEFORE January 1st and start the year off great?

If you are like me, you always cringe with the holidays or in my case, all the Army balls coming.  You use food for comfort and then immediately it becomes your enemy.  Whether you are a military spouse coping with a deployment as I just did or if you are just a fellow struggler, let's get motivated!  It's a sordid affair with food but join me and others as we step up to a challenge beginning November 1st to be in shape or at least healthier by January 1st!

Look for great sponsor gifts and rewards in the Step Up to Slim Down Virtual Challenge.

Leave a comment that you want to be a part of this exciting opportunity.

If you would like to sponsor this Step Up to Slim Down Virtual Challenge, please contact me at staying_younger@yahoo.com.

This is what's up for grabs so far:


Watch for more products to be added!

Sign up today!

To enter the weight loss challenge, please follow the rules:

Starting November 1, 2009 and every week after, leave a comment (and be honest) with your weight.  On the initial entry, leave your height so we can determine the greatest percentage lost. If you want to add extra validity to your entry, feel free to send a picture and I'll post with your permission.

On January 4, 2010, leave your final weight entry and the person with the greatest weight loss will win!   If I get more sponsors, I'll divide out the giveaway to the first, second and so forth pending the results of the sponsorship.

Game on starting tomorrow for me!

I have confirmation from Colleen & Jillian!

Note:  I am not responsible for any product's claim or any possible reported adverse events.  I am not responsible for any injuries sustained in this giveaway.

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