Embracing a Healthy Family: One of Our Christmas Trees, Tooth Fairy & Colts Won Again

One of Our Christmas Trees, Tooth Fairy & Colts Won Again

I have two of three trees up and the photos aren't doing it justice!  It's having some tilt issues with the tree topper and I can't seem to straighten it up.  I am thinking about not putting up the upstairs tree just because there is so much yet to do with five kids, three sets of parents and many nieces and nephews.

Today, I put together the castle that my six year old wanted as I figured I'd take a different approach and preassemble the presents to make Christmas morning more special.  The Jeep Rubicon will be a huge project to assemble.

My six year old lost another tooth so that makes four now so she's excited beyond belief about the Tooth Fairy coming tonight.

My 21 year old is upset because the Patriots were upset tonight and lost barely.  Boooo.....

I'm more than happy as MY Peyton Manning won ...again!  12-0!  Only the Saints compare with a 12-0 record.

The Cowboys lost ...they are my husband's favorite team but I was happy they lost to the other Manning brother.  Yeah!!!

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