Embracing a Healthy Family: Homeschool British Themed Recipes: Pork Pie

Homeschool British Themed Recipes: Pork Pie

We started on a little road of discovery all about Britain.  I'm a dual citizen (by descent) since my mom is from there thanks to a changed law that recognizes the maternal link.  I'm also an ardent Jane Austen fan and that is slowly creeping into my daughter's interest.  I instantly fell for a quirky movie based on the love of Austen titled Austenland.  Low and behold, my younger who is a self-proclaimed 'mini-me', loves it too which has inspired all this new found interest in England.  We previously had our first tea party with homemade strawberry scones followed by a luncheon with finger sandwiches which didn't go over well since they are not egg fans.  Our latest dish was pork pie which was very tedious to make and required me to learn what ramakin dishes were as I had no idea what their official names were.  Luckily Walmart had four but remembering how the Walmart here is not too good as I've opened spices that were already opened along with a couple of other incidences, I decided to remove the lids on each dish to make sure they were not cracked.  Of course, one was so I'm glad I checked as it would have been a real damper to find I was out a dish.  

So, with only three dishes on hand, we proceeded to make our British Pork Pies.  I called my mom since she's the resident expert in this area and when I told her what the recipe entailed, she proclaimed it wasn't like the pork pies she grew up with and that they ate them cold and they had a gel substance inside.  I can honestly say I can do without the gel thank you very much!  So here are our pictures of the long process but very condensed:

The dough is made after the pork and bacon mixture have been prepared and is cooling in the refrigerator.  It was a basic flour and lard recipe and was simple to make.

The skillet included onions, garlic and green apple:
Half the pork butt and thick bacon mixture is pulsed in a food processor and returned with the other half.   It does not look too appetizing!

My two girls are the pickiest eaters ever but they really enjoyed the pork pies!  It was a win!

Not quite like the recipe picture but it was still good!  Want to try it?  Here is the link for British Pork Pie recipe.

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